"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 3 (1997), number 1

The First International School
"Functional Analysis, Differential Equations and Their Applications"
Puebla (Mexico), May 18--23, 1995

V. G. Boltyanski
The tents method and the theory of extremum 3-13
Andrés Fraguela Collar
Selfadjoint matrix operators eigenvalues estimations 15-36
José G. Llavona
Polynomial continuity 37-45
J. L. Fernández Muñiz, Luz del Carmen Alvarez Marín
The RF-convergence and theorems of Banach Steinhauss type 47-67
Raúl Felipe Parada, Andrés Fraguela Collar
About the stability of the rotational motion of a top with a cavity filled up with a viscous fluid 69-92
B. E. Pobedria
Models of continuum mechanics 93-127
V. A. Sadovnichi, V. V. Alexandrov, T. B. Alexandrova, T. G. Astahova, Yu. O. Mamasueva, L. I. Voronin, A. V. Mamasuev
Physiological systems mathematical modelling and weightlessness sensory conflict dynamic simulation 129-147
Jorge Bustamante Gonzalez, Raul Escobedo Conde
On the spectrum of Cnb(E) 149-150
J. Cruz, R. Martinez, R. Navarro
Wigner--von Neumann quasi-isospectral manifolds 151-152
Arnoldo Bezanilla López
On the construction of a L-entire function with certain type of asymptotic elements 153-154
Arnoldo Bezanilla López
L-entire functional spaces 155-156
Martin López Morales
On the Cauchy problem for parabolic equations in anisotropic spaces 157-159
Reinaldo Rodriguez Ramos, José Antonio Otero, Ronaldo Pérez Alvarez
Vibration of a piezoelectric plate 161-162

Research Papers

A. A. Zhukova
Additive problems with numbers having a given number of prime dividers from progressions 163-170
V. A. Morozov
Generalized sourcewisity and the rate of convergence of the regularized solutions 171-177
V. V. Nekljudova
Morita-equivalence of monoids and equivalent categories of fuzzy acts over monoids 179-194
A. A. Nechaev, A. S. Kuzmin, V. T. Markov
Linear codes over finite rings and modules 195-254
I. A. Soprounov
Patching theorem in quadratic Serre's conjecture 255-261
A. V. Filin, V. A. Malyshev, A. D. Manita
Probabilistic models for computer architectures 263-301
E. E. Shirshova
On homomorphisms of pl-groups 303-314

E. M. Vechtomov
Correction of the  paper "Distributive lattices which have chain functional representation" 315

All articles are published in Russian.

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