"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 6 (2000), number 1


V. V. Illarionov
On searching essential factors in linear model 1-12

Research Papers

S. U. Abutalipova
On identities of some varieties of assosiative algebras 13-22
V. M. Aleksandrov
Numerical solution for linear time optimal control problem 23-42
N. A. Bokaev, N. K. Sizdikova
On integrability and L1-convergence of double series with respect to multiplicative systems 43-49
D. A. Bredikhin
U-semigroups of relations 51-61
M. A. Vronski
On the approximate confidence intervals for the unknown mean of stationary associated random field 63-71
H. Guediri
An asymptotic formula for the sum of values of divisor function 73-79
S. V. Golovan
On unconditional and absolute convergence of wavelet type series 81-92
A. Yu. Golubkov
The prime (RI*-decidable) radical of the unitary group over a ring with involution 93-119
M. E. Dedlovskaya
Isotopes of the free algebra of type (-1,1) with three generators 121-131
A. S. Doumov
On the lifetime of configurations in homogeneous structures 133-142
I. B. Kozhukhov, N. I. Platonov
The polynomial approximation of zeros of the Bessel functions 143-162
O. V. Kravtsova
A semifield plane of rank 2 admitting nonlinear Baire involution 163-170
V. I. Levankov
Monomial conjecture and Buchsbaum modules 171-177
A. A. Makhnev
On strongly regular graphs with parameters (75,32,10,16) and (95,40,12,20) 179-193
A. E. Mikusheva
The law of large numbers and the logarithmic law for arrays 195-206
S. S. Platonov
About some approach to the theory of Nikolskii--Besov spaces on homogeneous manifolds 207-223
Z. G. Psiola
Realization of geodesic flow in the k-product monopoly 225-236
V. V. Khlobystov
Interpolation polynomials in Hilbert space and some extremum problems 237-247
A. V. Shchepetilov
Reduction of the two-body problem with central interaction on simply connected surfaces of a constant curvature 249-263
D. V. Juriev
Characteristics of pairs of operators, Lie hybrids, Poisson brackets and nonlinear geometric algebra 265-273

Short Communications

V. V. Kuliamin
On ranges of polynomials in the ring M2(Z/8Z) 275-280
E. A. Lukjanova
On the boundary value problems for a degenerate system of partial differential equations 281-285
E. B. Malyshev, A. M. Sebeldin
About isomorphism G Ä A @ G for vectorial groups 287-292
V. T. Markov, A. A. Nechaev
Radicals of semiperfect rings related to idempotents 293-298
N. E. Maryukova
Constant curvature surfaces in the constant curvature quasi-Riemann space and the Klein--Gordon equation 299-303
I. A. Semenova
Maximal congruences on a semifield of continuous positive functions 305-310
V. F. Tarasov
The confluent Heun equation with two singularities and the modified Schrödinger equation with two accessory parameters 311-314

All articles are published in Russian.

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