"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 7 (2001), Number 2

Research Papers

M. P. Burlakov
Kozyrev spaces 319-328
M. A. Gil'man, E. E. Demidov, A. G. Mikheev
Optimal control of security portfolio 329-337
A. B. Golovanchikov, I. E. Simonova, B. V. Simonov
The solution of diffusion problem with integral boundary condition 339-349
V. G. Zadorozhnij
The moment functions for the solution of the heat equation with stochastic coefficients 351-371
S. V. Zelenov
Zelmanowitz density theorem for rings graded by semigroup 373-385
A. N. Zubkov
The Procesi--Razmyslov theorem for quiver representations 387-421
A. V. Krotov, V. V. Rabotin
On a class of complete intersection Calabi--Yau manifolds in toric manifolds 423-431
B. O. Kuliev
Cournot and Stackelberg strategies in the case of several companies 433-440
A. I. Kurnosenko
Interpolation properties of planar spiral curves 441-463
A. E. Pankratiev
On quotients of hyperbolic products of groups 465-493
D. I. Piontkovsky
Non-commutative Gröbner bases, coherentness of associative algebras, and divisibility in semigroups 495-513
V. I. Rabover
Jet continuation and reducibility of smooth function families 515-532
E. S. Smailov
On Paley-type theorems for multidimensional Fourier series on generalized Haar-type systems 533-563
A. E. Tyukov
A proof of the Feynman formula for a solution of the Belavkin--Schrödinger stochastic differential equation 565-581
I. A. Sheipak
Spectral problems associated with stability of fluid motion in an annulus in a magnetic field 583-596

Mathematical Enlightenment

M. V. Alekhnovich, A. Ya. Belov
The complexity of algorithms of constructions by compass and straightedge 597-614
Yu. I. Babenko, A. I. Moshinskii
Logarithmic analog of Leibnitz series and some integrals connected with the Riemann zeta function 615-619

Short Communications

S. I. Sokolovskaja
About connections induced on surfaces of the projective space by the Bortolotti clothing 621-625
S. V. Chegljakova
Injective modules over the ring of pseudo-rational numbers 627-629
B. Ya. Steinberg
Noetherianness of convolution operators with coefficients on quotient groups 631-634

All articles are published in Russian.

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