"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 12 (2006), Number 5

Proceedings of the International Conference
"Differential Equations and Related Topics"
dedicated to the 103rd anniversary of I. G. Petrovskii
(Moscow, May 16--22, 2004)
Part 2

I. V. Astashova
On uniform estimates for solutions to quasi-linear differential equations 3-9
N. F. Valeev
On localization of the spectrum of non-self-adjoint differential operators 11-19
A. B. Vasil'eva
On systems of two singularly perturbed quasilinear second-order equations 21-28
D. S. Dzhumabaev
Bounded solutions of families of systems of differential equations and their approximation 29-47
Kh. K. Ishkin
On localization of the spectrum of the problem with complex weight 49-64
M. F. Kondratieva, T. A. Osborn
On the notion of quantum Lyapunov exponent 65-74
A. N. Konenkov
Dirichlet and Neumann problems for Laplace and heat equations in domains with right angles 75-82
A. A. Lesnykh
Estimates for solutions of retarded equations with variable coefficients 83-93
M. B. Muratbekov, M. M. Muratbekov, K. N. Ospanov
On approximate properties of solutions of a nonlinear mixed-type equation 95-107
M. Y. Neklyudov
Equivalence of Navier--Stokes equation and infinite-dimensional Burgers equation 109-120
N. N. Nefedov
Spike-type contrast structures in reaction-diffusion systems 121-134
O. O. Obrezkov
Representation of solution of a stochastic Schrödinger equation in the form of Feynman integral 135-152
I. V. Orlov
Principles of functional analysis in scales of spaces: Hahn--Banach theorem, Banach theorem on homomorphism, and theorems on open mapping and closed graph 153-173
E. Yu. Panov
On well-posedness classes of locally bounded generalized entropy solutions of the Cauchy problem for quasilinear first-order equations 175-188
I. A. Rudakov
Periodic solutions of a quasilinear wave equation with homogeneous boundary conditions 189-201
J. Kupsch, O. G. Smolyanov
Exact master equations describing reduced dynamics of the Wigner function 203-219
A. S. Tikhonov
Weighted Schur class functions and functional model 221-236
V. A. Yurko
The inverse problem for pencils of differential operators on the half-line with turning points 237-246

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