"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 12 (2006), Number 6

Proceedings of the International Conference
"Differential Equations and Related Topics"
dedicated to the 103rd anniversary of I. G. Petrovskii
(Moscow, May 16--22, 2004)
Part 3

Ya. A. Butko
Function integrals corresponding to a solution of the Cauchy--Dirichlet problem for the heat equation in a domain of a Riemannian manifold 3-15
K. A. Volosov
Eigenfunctions of structures described by the "shallow water" model in a plane 17-32
R. N. Garifullin
Construction of asymptotic solutions of the autoresonance problem. Inner decomposition 33-48
V. G. Danilov, V. Yu. Rudnev
A weak asymptotic solution of the phase-field system in the case of confluence of free boundaries in the Stefan--Gibbs--Thomson problem 49-66
A. Du, J. Duan, H. Gao, T. Özgökmen
Ergodic dynamics of the coupled quasigeostrophic flow-energy balance system 67-84
P. A. Zakharchenko, E. V. Radkevich
On the well-posedness of the mixed problem for hyperbolic operators with characteristics of variable multiplicity 85-98
L. A. Kalyakin, Yu. Yu. Bagderina
Asymptotics for the solution of averaged equations for the system of coupled oscillators 99-113
P. A. Krutitskii, A. I. Sgibnev
The method of integral equations for the mixed problem with the skew derivative for harmonic functions outside cuts in a plane 115-135
A. Yu. Popov
On the number of real eigenvalues of a certain boundary-value problem for a second-order equation with fractional derivative 137-155
V. Zh. Sakbaev
On the dynamics of quantum states generated by the Cauchy problem for the Schrödinger equation with degeneration on the half-line 157-174
D. L. Tyshkevich
Elementary rotations of operators in regular Banach spaces 175-192
N. N. Shamarov
The Maslov--Poisson measure and Feynman formulas for the solution of the Dirac equation 193-211
V. M. Shelkovich
The Rankine--Hugoniot conditions and balance laws for d-shocks 213-229
E. A. Shiryaev
Birkhoff regularity in terms of the growth of the norm for the Green function 231-239

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