"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 12 (2006), Number 7

Hamiltonian and Lagrangian Systems and Lie Algebras

A. V. Balandin, O. N. Kashcheeva
Integrable systems of chiral type 5-21
H. Baran, M. Marvan
A conjecture concerning nonlocal terms of recursion operators 23-33
A. S. Desyatnikov, D. E. Pelinovsky, J. Yang
Multi-component vortex solutions in symmetric coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations 35-63
A. V. Zhiber, R. D. Murtazina
On the characteristic Lie algebras for equations uxy=f(u,ux) 65-78
A. S. Ivanova, M. A. Parinov
Some classes of electromagnetic waves that admit parabolic helices 79-92
A. V. Kiselev
Minimal surfaces associated with nonpolynomial contact symmetries 93-100
B. A. Kupershmidt
On skew-symmetric and general deformations of Lax pseudodifferential operators 101-116
M. Marvan, M. Poboril
Recursion operator for the intrinsic generalized sine-Gordon equation 117-128
L. Martina
Hamiltonian theory of anyons in crystals 129-139
A. G. Meshkov
On symmetry classification of third order evolutionary systems of divergent type 141-161
T. Neuwirth
The Konno--Asai--Kakuhata system revisited: Reciprocal transformation and connection to the Kaup--Newell system 163-166
M. V. Pavlov
Transformations of integrable hydrodynamic chains and their hydrodynamic reductions 167-175
M. A. Parinov
Classification of potential structures on the Minkowski space with respect to subgroups of the Poincaré group 177-225
A. Sergyeyev
Zero-curvature representation for a new fifth-order integrable system 227-229
R. G. Smirnov
The classical Bertrand--Darboux problem 231-250
S. Ya. Startsev
On the variational integrating matrix for hyperbolic systems 251-262

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