"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 13 (2007), Number 3

Proceedings of the All-Russia Symposium "Abelian Groups"
(Biysk, August 22--25, 2005)

I. V. Gerdt
Small Abelian groups 3-8
I. E. Grinshpon
Normal subgroups of holomorphs of Abelian groups and almost holomorphic isomorphism 9-16
S. Ya. Grinshpon, T. A. Yeltsova
Homomorphic images of Abelian groups 17-24
O. I. Davydova
Rank-1 quotient divisible groups 25-33
E. G. Zinoviev
csp-rings as a generalization of rings of pseudo-rational numbers 35-38
A. V. Karpenko, V. M. Misyakov
On regularity of the center of the endomorphism ring of an Abelian group 39-44
Ch. Karpfinger
On Euclidean and Pythagorean nearfields 45-50
O. M. Katerinchuk
On K-large and generalized K-large Abelian groups 51-60
S. F. Kozhukhov, A. S. Tveretin
Completely torsion-free, finite-rank, almost decomposable groups with torsion factor 61-67
E. I. Kompantseva
Semisimple rings on completely decomposable Abelian groups 69-80
P. A. Krylov, Ye. I. Podberezina
The group Hom(A,B) as an Artinian E(B)- or E(A)-module 81-96
N. I. Kruchkov
Some generalizations of slender Abelian groups 97-106
V. M. Misyakov
Fully transitivity of Abelian groups 107-140
S. G. Pushkov
Fuzzy modules with respect to t-norm and some of their properties 141-146
S. G. Pushkov, V. A. Tyryshkina
Fuzzy linear dynamical systems over fields 147-155
S. K. Rososhek
Cryptosystems in automorphism groups of group rings of Abelian groups 157-164
S. K. Rososhek
Strictly purely correct torsion-free Abelian groups 165-183
A. M. Sebeldin, A. L. Sylla
Representations of the first degree of Abelian groups 185-191
E. A. Timoshenko
T-radicals in the category of Abelian groups 193-208
V. B. Trukhmanov
On subdirect sums of Abelian torsion-free groups of rank 1 209-221
A. A. Fomin
A category of matrices representing two categories of Abelian groups 223-244
E. Yu. Yardykov
Simple modules over generalized matrix ring 245-247

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