"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 13 (2007), Number 8

Proceedings of the International Conference
"Topology, Analysis and Applications to Mathematical Physics"
Dedicated to the Memory of Professor Yu. P. Solovyov
(Moscow, February 14--19, 2005)
Part 2

P. M. Akhmet'ev
Geometric approach to stable homotopy groups of spheres. The Adams--Hopf invariants 3-15
P. M. Akhmet'ev
Geometric approach to stable homotopy groups of spheres. Kervaire invariants. II 17-41
V. V. Balashchenko
Generalized symmetric spaces, Yu. P. Solovyov's formula, and the generalized Hermitian geometry 43-60
A. Yu. Volovikov
On the Cohen--Lusk theorem 61-67
Yu. E. Gliklikh
A necessary and sufficient condition for the global-in-time existence of solutions to stochastic differential and parabolic equations on manifolds 69-76
A. V. Ershov
Theories of bundles with additional structures 77-98
N. Yu. Zhuraeva
Increasing polyharmonic functions and Cauchy problem 99-103
S. V. Lapin
D¥-differential E¥-algebras and spectral sequences of D¥-differential modules 105-125
R. Léandre
Lebesgue measure in infinite dimension as an infinite-dimensional distribution 127-132
I. M. Nikonov
Universal Karoubi's characteristic classes of nuclear C*-algebras 133-169
A. A. Pavlov, E. V. Troitsky
Property (T) for topological groups and C*-algebras 171-192
A. E. Troitskaya
On isomorphity of measure-preserving Z2-actions that have isomorphic Cartesian powers 193-212
T. Shulman
Unitarily covariant maps in approximately finite-dimensional C*-algebras 213-227

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