"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 14 (2008), Number 5

Proceedings of the International Algebraic Conference
on the Occasion of the 100th Anniversary of Professor A. G. Kurosh (1908--1971)
(Moscow, May 28 -- June 3, 2008)
Part 1

E. M. Vechtomov, A. V. Cheraneva
Semifields and their properties 3-54
S. Ya. Grinshpon, I. V. Gerdt
Abelian groups that are small with respect to different classes of groups 55-65
S. Ya. Grinshpon, T. A. Yeltsova
Homomorphic images of Abelian groups 67-76
A. V. Grishin
On T-spaces and related concepts and results 77-84
A. V. Kartashova
On quasiorder lattices and topology lattices of algebras 85-92
E. I. Kompantseva
Rings on almost completely decomposable Abelian groups 93-101
I. P. Kramarev, L. V. Lokutsievskiy
Homotopy types of group lattices 103-123
P. A. Krylov, E. Yu. Yardykov
Projective and hereditary modules over generalized matrix ring 125-138
A. B. Kupavskii, A. M. Raigorodskii
On the chromatic number of R9 139-154
E. E. Marenich
Factorization properties of (n ´ n) Boolean matrices 155-164
S. S. Mishchenko
On growth of varieties of commutative linear algebras 165-170
D. I. Piontkovski
On the Kurosh problem in varieties of algebras 171-184
A. M. Popova
Automorphisms group of ring ZA4 185-189
E. G. Puninskiy
On the simplicity of some semisimple Hopf algebras 191-195
L. M. Tsybulya
Theorems on equalization and monomiality in a relatively free Grassmann algebra 197-218
N. S. Chernikov
Groups with minimal conditions 219-235
V. A. Shcherbacov, A. Kh. Tabarov, D. I. Pușcașu
On congruences of groupoids closely connected with quasigroups 237-251

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