2009, VOLUME 15, NUMBER 3, PAGES 33-47

On the classification of bases in Pk according to the decidability of the completeness problem for automata

D. N. Babin


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The completeness problem for bases of the form F È n, where F Í Pk and n is a finite system of automaton functions, is considered. Previously, the problem for k=2 was solved by the author; it was also shown that there is an algorithm for determining the completeness of the system F È n when [F] = Pk. The article is concerned with the case where [F] is the maximal (precomplete) class in Pk. The problem of completeness for systems F È n is shown to be undecidable if F is embedded in a Slupecki class and algorithmically decidable if F contains the preserving class of all constants. Thus, the bases in Pk, k ³ 3, can be classified according to their ability to guarantee the decidability of the completeness problem for automaton functions.

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Last modified: January 13, 2010