"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 15 (2009), Number 7

Proceedings of the International Algebraic Workshop
on the Occasion of the 80th Anniversary of Professor A. I. Kostrikin
(Moscow, February 24, 2009).

E. I. Bunina
Automorphisms of Chevalley groups of type Bl over local rings with 1/2 3-46
E. I. Bunina
Automorphisms of Chevalley groups of types Al, Dl, El over local rings without 1/2 47-80
E. I. Bunina, M. A. Roizner
Elementary equivalence of the automorphism groups of Abelian p-groups 81-112
O. Yu. Dashkova
On one class of modules that are close to Noetherian 113-125
A. V. Leont'ev
Lower bounds for algebraic complexity of nilpotent associative algebras 127-136
E. V. Ovchinnikova
On homogeneous extensions of finite predicate systems 137-140
A. P. Rozovskaya, M. V. Titova, D. A. Shabanov
On balanced colorings of hypergraphs 141-163
A. A. Stepanova, N. V. Trikashnaya
Abelian and Hamiltonian groupoids 165-177
S. V. Sudoplatov
Hypergraphs of prime models and distributions of countable models of small theories 179-203
G. S. Suleimanova
On a conjugacy in a Chevalley group of large Abelian subgroups of the unipotent subgroup 205-216
A. G. Sukhonos
A cohomological characteristic for the length and width of a partially ordered set 217-227
D. Ya. Trebenko, O. A. Trebenko
On solvability of groups with a finite nilpotent supercomplemented subgroup 229-234
N. E. Shavgulidze
Radicals and l-modules 235-243

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