"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 16 (2010), Number 2

Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference
"Laptev seminar--2009"
devoted to the 100th anniversary of G. F. Laptev
(Russia, Moscow--Tver, August 25--28, 2009)
Part 2

O. O. Belova
Tensor of nonabsolute displacements on Grassman-like manifold of centered planes 3-5
I. A. Gordeeva
Vanishing theorems for some classes of Riemann--Cartan manifolds 7-12
A. A. Duyunova
Three-webs defined by a system of ordinary differential equations 13-31
V. F. Kirichenko, E. V. Kusova
On geometry of weakly cosymplectic manifolds 33-42
V. F. Kirichenko, A. A. Shihab
On the geometry of conharmonic curvature tensor for nearly Kähler manifolds 43-54
N. G. Konovenko
On local classification of geometrical quantities on the Lobachevski plane 55-59
O. M. Omelyan
On conditions of the coincidence of curvatures of the first and second types on distribution of planes 61-66
L. N. Orlova
The geometry of a quasilinear system of two partial differential equations containing the first and second partial derivatives of two functions in two independent variables 67-84
L. M. Pidzhakova
On one class of three-webs with covariantly constant curvature and torsion tensors 85-91
H. N. Sinyukova
Geodesic uniqueness in the whole of some generally recurrent Riemannian spaces 93-101
A. V. Stolyarov
Internal geometry of hypersurfaces in projectively metric space 103-114
G. A. Tolstikhina
On the factor-web $ \bar W(\rho,r,r) $ of the three-web W(r,r,r) 115-128
N. A. Tyapin
On infinitesimal automorphisms of almost contact metric lattices 129-137
S. V. Kharitonova
Almost C(l)-manifolds 139-146
A. V. Khristoforova
On dual geometry of distributions of hyperplane elements in a space with affine connection 147-153
Yu. I. Shevchenko
Degeneration of plane affine Stolyarov connections 155-161
V. V. Shurygin
Lie jets and symmetries of prolongations of geometric objects 163-181

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