2011/2012, VOLUME 17, NUMBER 2, PAGES 75-85

When are all group codes of a noncommutative group Abelian (a computational approach)?

C. García Pillado
S. González
V. T. Markov
C. Martínez
A. A. Nechaev


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Let G be a finite group and F be a field. Any linear code over F that is permutation equivalent to some code defined by an ideal of the group ring FG will be called a G-code. The theory of these "abstract" group codes was developed in 2009. A code is called Abelian if it is an A-code for some Abelian group A. Some conditions were given that all G-codes for some group G are Abelian but no examples of non-Abelian group codes were known at that time. We use a computer algebra system GAP to show that all G-codes over any field are Abelian if |G| < 128 and |G| Ï {24,48,54,60,64,72,96,108,120}, but for F=F5 and G = S4 there exist non-Abelian G-codes over F. It is also shown that the existence of left non-Abelian group codes for a given group depends in general on the field of coefficients, while for (two-sided) group codes the corresponding question remains open.

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Last modified: March 6, 2012