"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 18 (2013), Number 1


A. S. Atkarskaya
Stable groups over associative rings with 1/2. A Description of isomorphisms of the stable linear groups 3-20
E. A. Bondar, Yu. V. Zhuchok
Representations of the strong endomorphism monoid of finite n-uniform hypergraphs 21-34
V. A. Bragin and E. I. Bunina
An example of two cardinals that are equivalent in the n-order logic and not equivalent in the (n+1)-order logic 35-44
V. A. Bragin and E. I. Bunina
Elementary equivalence of linear groups over rings with a finite number of central idempotents and over Boolean rings 45-55
E. I. Bunina, P. A. Veryovkin
Normalizers of Chevalley groups of type G2 over local rings without 1/2 57-62
A. V. Klimakov
Almost primitive elements of free Lie algebras of small ranks 63-74
V. A. Koibaev, Ya. N. Nuzhin
Subgroups of the Chevalley groups and Lie rings definable by a collection of additive subgroups of the initial ring 75-84
J. V. Kochetova, E. E. Shirshova
Prime radicals of lattice K-ordered algebras 85-158
M. A. Roizner
A criterion of elementary equivalence of automorphism groups of reduced Abelian p-groups 159-170
M. V. Titova
One problem on geometric Ramsey numbers 171-180
O. I. Tsarkov
Endomorphisms of the semigroup G2(R) over partially ordered commutative rings without zero divisors and with 1/2 181-204

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