"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 18 (2013), Number 3

Groups and Algebras
Dedicated to the 75th Birthday of Professor A. L. Shmelkin
Part 1

T. V. Apraksina, I. V. Barkov, I. B. Kozhukhov
Two examples of diagonal bi-acts 3-9
O. E. Bezushchak, A. A. Beljaev, M. V. Zaicev
Codimension growth of algebras with adjoint unit 11-26
E. I. Bunina, V. V. Nemiro
The group of fractions of the semigroup of invertible nonnegative matrices of order three over a field 27-42
N. I. Vishnevskaya
The Casimir element 43-52
E. I. Kompantseva
Abelian dqt-groups and rings on them 53-67
E. A. da Costa, A. N. Krasilnikov
Symmetric polynomials and nonfinitely generated Sym(N)-invariant ideals 69-76
A. B. Kupavskii, D. A. Shabanov
Colorings of partial Steiner systems and their applications 77-115
V. I. Loginov
A class of finite groups with Abelian centralizer of an element of order 3 of type (3,2,2) 117-137
V. A. Molchanov
Concrete characterization of universal planar automata 139-148
M. N. Nazarov
A self-induced metric on groupoids and its application to the analysis of cellular interactions in biology 149-160
A. N. Panov
Representations of Gelfand--Graev type for the unitriangular group 161-178
A. A. Tuganbaev
Extensions of automorphisms of submodules 179-198
E. E. Shirshova
On values of elements in partially ordered groups 199-212

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