"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 18 (2013), Number 4

Groups and Algebras
Dedicated to the 75th Birthday of Professor A. L. Shmelkin
Part 2

A. S. Atkarskaya
Stable groups over associative rings with 1/2. Description of isomorphisms of the stable unitary groups 3-21
E. A. Blagoveshchenskaya
Cyclic regulator quotient groups in the class of almost completely decomposable groups 23-31
E. I. Bunina, D. V. Trushin, M. V. Tsvetkov
Decomposition of unitary linear groups into products of free factors 33-39
E. M. Vechtomov, A. A. Petrov
Multiplicatively idempotent semirings 41-70
O. V. Gerasimova
Dense finitely generated subgroups and integration on compact groups 71-77
C. K. Gupta, V. M. Levchuk, Yu. Yu. Ushakov
On tame and wild automorphisms of algebras 79-88
V. O. Manturov, D. A. Fedoseev
Invariants of homotopy classes of curves and graphs on 2-surfaces 89-105
I. V. Mitrofanov
Periodicity of morphic words 107-119
S. P. Mishchenko, O. A. Bogdanchuk
PI-exponents of some simple algebras with unit 121-128
A. A. Tuganbaev
Automorphism-invariant modules 129-135
I. N. Tumaykin
Basic Reed--Muller codes as group codes 137-154
O. I. Tsarkov
Extension of endomorphisms of the subsemigroup GE+2(R) to endomorphisms of GE+2(R[x]), where R is a partially-ordered commutative ring without zero divisors 155-184
M. A. Cherepniov
Pairing inversion for finding discrete logarithms 185-195
A. N. Shevlyakov
Algebraic geometry over Boolean algebras in the language with constants 197-218

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