"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 20 (2015), Number 3

Geometry, Topology, and Applications
(Dedicated to the 70th Birthday of Academician A. T. Fomenko)
Part 2

A. V. Bolsinov
Argument shift method and sectional operators: applications to differential geometry 5-31
E. A. Vilkul, A. O. Ivanov, A. S. Mishchenko, Th. Yu. Popelenskii, A. A. Tuzhilin, K. V. Shaytan
Analyzing the data bank of proteins' space structures (PDB): a geometrical approach 33-46
B. D. Gel'man, V. V. Obukhovskii
On fixed points of acyclic type multivalued maps 47-59
Yu. E. Gliklikh, N. V. Vinokurova
The Newton--Nelson equation on fiber bundles with connections 61-81
D. Yu. Emelyanov
On Wood basis for the mod p Steenrod algebra 83-90
I. K. Kozlov
Invariant foliations of nondegenerate bi-Hamiltonian structures 91-111
E. A. Kudryavtseva
Liouville integrable generalized billiard flows and Poncelet type theorems 113-152
Hông Vân Lê
Lower bounds for the circuit size of partially homogeneous polynomials 153-179
A. T. Lipkovski
Structure graphs of rings: definitions and first results 181-190
V. P. Maslov, A. I. Shafarevich
Fomenko invariants in the asymptotic theory of the Navier--Stokes equations 191-212
Nguyen Tien Zung, Nguyen Thanh Thien
Reduction and integrability of stochastic dynamical systems 213-249
Th. Yu. Popelensky
Hermitian algebraic K-theory and the root system D 251-256
T. Šukilović
Isometry groups of 4-dimensional nilpotent Lie groups 257-271

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