"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 20 (2015), Number 6

Algebra and Its Applications

D. Belazzougui, R. Kolpakov, M. Raffinot
Indexing and querying character sets in one- and two-dimensional words 3-16
E. M. Vechtomov, I. V. Orlova
Cyclic semirings with nonidempotent noncommutative addition 17-41
E. M. Vechtomov, N. V. Shalaginova
Semirings of continuous (0, ]-valued functions 43-64
S. F. Kamornikov
One characterization of the Gaschütz subgroup of a finite soluble group 65-75
A. L. Kanunnikov
Graded quotient rings 77-145
Yu. A. Kombarov
Complexity and structure of circuits for parity functions 147-153
A. V. Kochergin
On the depth of k-valued logic functions over arbitrary bases 155-158
V. V. Kochergin
On Bellman's and Knuth's problems and their generalizations 159-188
O. V. Kulikova
On independent families of normal subgroups in free groups 189-206
L. A. Kurdachenko, N. N. Semko
Groups in which the normal closures of cyclic subgroups have bounded finite Hirsch--Zaitsev rank 207-228
D. S. Chistyakov
On homogeneous mappings of finitely presented modules over the ring of polyadic numbers 229-235
E. V. Shchepin
The Leibniz differential and the Perron--Stieltjes integral 237-258

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