"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 21 (2016), Number 3

Algebra and Its Applications, II
(Dedicated to the 75th Birthday of Professor A. V. Mikhalev)

V. I. Alkhimov
The canonical ensemble of open self-avoiding strings 3-23
G. G. Arakelov, A. V. Gribov, and A. V. Mikhalev
Applied homomorphic cryptography: examples 25-38
A. Kh. Bikulov, A. P. Zubarev
Complete systems of eigenfunctions of the Vladimirov operator in L2(Br) and L2(Qp) 39-56
V. V. Borisenko
Construction of optimal Bézier splines 57-72
E. I. Bunina, G. A. Kaleeva
Universal equivalence of general and special linear groups over fields 73-106
E. M. Vechtomov, A. A. Petrov
Pseudocomplements in the lattice of subvarieties of a variety of multiplicatively idempotent semirings 107-120
I. A. Zhigulich
On Haver's theorem in the category of filtered metric spaces 121-129
M. I. Kolomeychenko, I. V. Polyakov, A. A. Chepovskiy, A. M. Chepovskiy
Detection of communities in graph of interactive objects 131-139
V. A. Molchanov
The structure of isomorphisms of universal hypergraphical automata 141-159
N. T. Nemesh
The geometry of projective, injective, and flat Banach modules 161-184
V. S. Sekovanov
On some discrete nonlinear dynamical systems 185-199
P. V. Tishin
A study of elastic-plastic boundary propagation in a tube of elastic-perfectly plastic material under dynamic loadings of different types 201-216
A. V. Toktarev
On K-transitivity conditions of a product of regular permutation groups 217-231
V. D. Shmatkov
On diagonalization of matrices in an arbitrary field 233-239

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