"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 21 (2016), Number 6

Classical and Noncommutative Geometry, Topology, Dynamics, and Mathematical Physics
(in Memory of Professor Yuri Petrovich Solovyov)
Part 2

Yuri Petrovich Solovyov (08.10.1944--11.09.2003) 2
J. Eichhorn
On the uniformly proper classification of open manifolds 3-63
A. A. Arutyunov, A. S. Mishchenko, A. I. Shtern
Derivations of group algebras 65-78
P. M. Akhmet'ev, Th. Yu. Popelenskii
Local coefficients and the Herbert formula 79-91
D. Burghelea
Refinement of Novikov--Betti numbers and of Novikov homology provided by an angle valued map 93-113
N. P. Dolbilin
Delone sets in R3: regularity conditions 115-141
R.  T. Źivaljević
A glimpse into continuous combinatorics of posets, polytopes, and matroids 143-164
M. Karoubi
The harmonic decomposition in cyclic homology 165-170
O. I. Mokhov
On metrics of diagonal curvature 171-182
E. I. Stepanova
Bifurcations of Steiner tree topologies in the plane 183-204
S. Terzić
The rational homology ring of the based loop space of the gauge groups and the spaces of connections on a four-manifold 205-215
D. A. Fedoseev, A. T. Fomenko
Noncompact bifurcations of integrable dynamic systems 217-243

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