"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 22 (2018), Number 2

Mathematical Problems in Navigation and Motion Control

V. V. Aleksandrov, T. B. Alexandrova, R. Vega, V. A. Sadovnichii, G. Yu. Sidorenko, E. Soto, K. V. Tikhonova, N. E. Shulenina
Mathematical modeling of the information process in the angular acceleration biosensor 3--18
V. V. Alexandrov, S. S. Lemak
Algorithms of dynamic piloted flight simulator stand based on a centrifuge with a controlled Cardan suspension 19--32
Yu. V. Bolotin, V. S. Vyazmin
Spectral analysis of the airborne vector gravimetry problem 33--57
V. M. Budanov
Undefined frequencies method 59--71
D. S. Burlakov, V. V. Latonov, V. A. Chertopolokhov
Identification of parameters of a model of a movable motion platform 73--88
N. B. Vavilova, I. A. Vasineva, A. A. Golovan, A. V. Kozlov, I. A. Papusha, N. A. Parusnikov
The calibration problem in inertial navigation 89--115
A. V. Vlakhova, A. P. Novoderova
On effects of spinning moments on wheeled vehicle skidding 117--132
A. A. Golovan, A. I. Matasov
Guaranteed approach for determining the optimal design of accelerometer unit calibration 133--145
A. V. Zarodnyuk, D. I. Bugrov, O. Yu. Cherkasov
Features of the support reaction in the range maximization problem in a resistant medium 147--158
I. A. Kozik, V. I. Piterbarg
High excursions of Gaussian nonstationary processes in discrete time 159--169
A. V. Kozlov
Calibration of a three-axis accelerometer unit on a centrifuge 171--180
P. A. Kruchinin, A. A. Laskin
Steady-state motion of a balancing robot with two coaxial deformable wheels 181--193
A. P. Kruchinina, A. G. Yakushev
Statistical study of the single saccade eye movement forms 195--207
L. I. Kulikov
Synthesis of automatic control for plane-type UAV landing and stability analysis of desired motion regimes 209--220
V. M. Morozov, F. Yu. Baklanov
Practical methods to investigate observability of linear time-varying systems 221--236
A. G. Yakushev, T. Yu. Bokov
Study of rapid goal-directed force upper limb movement 237--249

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