"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 22 (2018), Number 3

Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, and Random Processes
(Dedicated to the 80th Birthday of Professor Y. V. Chepurin)

L. G. Afanaseva
Stability conditions for retrial queueing systems with regenerative input flow 5--18
E. V. Bulinskaya, B. I. Shigida
Sensitivity analysis of some applied probability models 19--35
E. M. Ermishkina, E. B. Yarovaya
Simulation of branching random walks on a multidimensional lattice 37--56
G. A. Zverkina
On some extended Erlang--Sevastyanov queueing system and its convergence rate 57--82
S. G. Kobelkov
Ruin probability for a Gaussian process with variance attaining its maximum on discrete sets 83--90
A. A. Kozhina
Weak error for the Euler scheme approximation of degenerate diffusions with nonsmooth coefficients 91--118
E. V. Kremena
On the shape of a high excursion of a Gaussian stationary process 119--125
A. E. Mazur
Fitting time series with heavy tails and strong time dependence 127--144
L. A. Markovich
Nonparametric estimation of multivariate density and its derivative by dependent data using gamma kernels 145--177
A. A. Muromskaya
On the probability of ruin of a joint-stock insurance company in the Sparre Andersen risk model 179--189
D. A. Shabanov
On the s-colorful number of a random hypergraph 191--199

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