"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 23 (2020), Number 1

Gaussian Systems, Random Processes, and Probabilistic Methods

M. Akhmejanova, D. A. Shabanov
Equitable colorings of hypergraphs with r colors 3--23
P. I. Akhtyamov, I. V. Rodionov
On estimation of the scale and location parameters of distribution tails 25--49
L. Bai
Estimation of change-point models 51--73
D. M. Balashova
Branching random walks with alternating sign intensities of branching sources 75--88
E. L. Vetrova
Asymptotic behavior of large deviation probabilities for a simple oscillating random walk 89--94
Yu. A. Demidovich
On some generalizations of the property B problem of an n-uniform hypergraph 95--122
A. I. Zhdanov
High excursions of a quadratic form for a Gaussian stationary vector process 123--144
G. A. Zverkina
On the exponential convergence rate of the distribution for some nonregenerative reliability system 145--160
S. G. Kobelkov, V. I. Piterbarg, I. V. Rodionov, E. Hashorva
On the maximum of a Gaussian process with unique maximum point of its variance 161--174
A. I. Rytova
Harmonic analysis of random walks with heavy tails 175--189
I. V. Sobolev, A. V. Shklyaev
Large deviations of weighted sums of independent identically distributed random variables with functionally-defined weights 191--206
V. V. Troshin
On maximum domain of attraction for transformations of normal random variable 207--215
In memory of V. R. Fatalov 217--218
V. R. Fatalov
Supremum of the Euclidean norms of the multidimensional Wiener process and Brownian bridge: Sharp asymptotics of probabilities of large deviations 219--257
E. S. Filatova, A. V. Shklyaev
Estimation of probability density function in the case of multiplicative noise 259--267
A. E. Khuzieva
Random constructions of hypergraphs with large girth and without panchromatic colorings 269--283

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