Contents of 2007-2008 issues

2007 Volume 13 Issue 1


K. Duffy and J.V. Pule
John T. Lewis (1932-2004) pp.3-19
T. Funaki, Y. Hariya and M. Yor
Wiener Integrals for Centered Powers of Bessel Processes, I pp.21-56
K. Duffy, E.A. Pechersky, Y.M Suhov and N.D. Vvedenskaya
Using Estimated Entropy in a Queueing System with Dynamic Routing pp.57-84
A. Ganesh and N. O'Connell
Large and Moderate Deviations for Matching Problems and Empirical Discrepancies pp.85-98
A.A. Puhalskii
The Action Functional for the Jackson Network pp.99-136
M. Kelbert, I. Manolopoulou, I. Sazonov and Y.M. Suhov
Large Deviations for a Model of Excess of Loss Re-Insurance pp.137-158
D. Applebaum
Covariant Mehler Semigroups in Hilbert Space pp.159-168
R.L. Hudson
A Double Dilation Constructed from a Double Product of Rotations pp.169-190
S.J. Wills
On the Generators of Quantum Stochastic Operator Cocycles pp.191-211

2007 Volume 13 Issue 2


A.D. Neate and A. Truman
A One Dimensional Analysis of Turbulence and Its Intermittence for the d-dimensional Stochastic Burgers Equation pp.213-238
A.C.D. van Enter and S.B. Shlosman
First-Order Transitions for Very Nonlinear Sigma Models pp.239-249
J. Moriarty and N. O'Connell
On the Free Energy of a Directed Polymer in a Brownian Environment pp.251-266
D.E. Evans
From Ising to Haagerup pp.267-287
A.F. Verbeure
The Condensate Equation for Non-Homogeneous Bosons pp.289-296
A. Winter
On Environment-Assisted Capacities of Quantum Channels pp.297-314
B. Nachtergaele and R. Sims
Recent Progress in Quantum Spin Systems pp.315-329
C. Dobrovolny, T.C. Dorlas and J.V. Pule
Lowest Lyapunov Exponents for the Armchair Nanotube pp.331-390
C. King, K. Matsumoto, M. Nathanson and M.B. Ruskai
Properties of Conjugate Channels with Applications to Additivity and Multiplicativity pp.391-423
G. Sewell
Can the Quantum Measurement Problem Be Resolved within the Framework of Schroedinger Dynamics? pp.425-440
O. Lenoble and V.A. Zagrebnov
Bose-Einstein Condensation in the Luttinger-Sy Model pp.441-468

2007 Volume 13 Issue 3

D. Ioffe and A. Levit
Long Range Order and Giant Components of Quantum Random Graphs pp.469-492
A.A. Jarai and R. Lyons
Ladder Sandpiles pp.493-518
A. Faggionato
Bulk Diffusion of 1D Exclusion Process with Bond Disorder pp.519-542
A. Bovier and J.Cerny
Hydrodynamic Limit for the A+B->O Model pp.543-564
H. Knopfel and M. Lowe
A Note on the Annealed Free Energy of the p-Spin Hopfield Model pp.565-574
A. Sapozhnikov
Existence of Phase Transition for Heavy-Tailed Continuum Percolation pp.575-586
F. Baudoin and L. Coutin
Volterra Bridges and Applications pp.587-596
S.A. Molchanov, V.V. Petrov and N. Squartini
Quasicumulants and Limit Theorems in Case of the Cauchy Limiting Law pp.597-624
T. Schreiber
Correction to `A Polyhedral Markov Field - Pushing the Arak - Surgailis Construction into Three Dimensions' (Markov Processes and Related Fields 12, 43-58 (2006)) pp.625-626

2007 Volume 13 Issue 4

Inhomogeneous Random Systems. Stochastic Loewner Evolution. Random Polymers (Meeting) pp.627-630
Moderator: W. Werner
A Very Brief Report of the SLE Day at IHP pp.631-636
J.L. Jacobsen
Random Curves and the Antiferromagnetic Transition in the Two-Dimensional Potts Model pp.637-658
Moderator: H. Spohn
Random Polymers - a Short Introduction pp.659-661
K.S. Alexander
Ivy on the Ceiling: First-Order Polymer Depinning Transitions with Quenched Disorder pp.663-680
F. Comets
Weak Disorder for Low Dimensional Polymers: The Model of Stable Laws pp.681-696
F. Caravenna, G. Giacomin and L. Zambotti
Infinite Volume Limits of Polymer Chains with Periodic Charges pp.697-730
C. Monthus and T. Garel
Random Polymers and Delocalization Transitions pp.731-760
S.G. Whittington
Randomly Coloured Self-Avoiding Walks: Adsorption and Localization pp.761-776
K.J. Wiese and P. Le Doussal
Functional Renormalization for Disordered Systems. Basic Recipes and Gourmet Dishes pp.777-818

2008 Volume 14 Issue 1

T. de la Rue, R. Fernandez and A.D. Sokal
How to Clean a Dirty Floor: Probabilistic Potential Theory and the Dobrushin Uniqueness Theorem pp.1-78
P. Doukhan, G. Lang, S. Louhichi and B. Ycart
A Functional Central Limit Theorem for Interacting Particle Systems on Transitive Graphs pp.79-114
S. Mueller
Recurrence and Transience for Branching Random Walks in an I.I.D. Random Environment pp.115-130
L. Decreusefond and P. Moyal
Fluid Limit of a Heavily Loaded EDF Queue with Impatient Customers pp.131-158
S. Albeverio and S. Liang
A Remark on the Nonequivalence of the Time-Zero $\phi_3^4$-Measure with the Free Field Measure pp.159-164

2008 Volume 14 Issue 2

C. Landim, A. Milanes and S. Olla
Stationary and Nonequilibrium Fluctuations in Boundary Driven Exclusion Processes pp.165-184
M. Jara, G. Moreno and A.F. Ramirez
Front Propagation in an Exclusion One-dimensional Reactive Dynamics pp.185-206
P. Eichelsbacher and M. Stolz
Large Deviations for Random Matrix Ensembles in Mesoscopic Physics pp.207-232
V.S. Poghosyan and V.B. Priezzhev
Determinant Solution for the TASEP with Particle-dependent Hopping Probabilities on a Ring pp.233-254
R.B. Schinazi and J. Schweinsberg
Spatial and Non-spatial Stochastic Models for Immune Response 255-276
T.R. Hurd and A. Kuznetsov
Explicit Formulas for Laplace Transforms of Stochastic Integrals 277-290
T. Sellke
Reinforced Random Walk on the d-dimensional Integer Lattice pp.291-308
J.-F. Delmas
Height Process for Super-critical Continuous State Branching Process pp.309-326

2008 Volume 14 Issue 3

Inhomogeneous Random Systems pp.327-329
Stochastic models of selection and coalescence pp.330-332
C. Mueller, L. Mytnik and J. Quastel
Small Noise Asymptotics of Traveling Waves pp.333-342
Dynamics and Statistics of Non-Equilibrium Phenomena p.343
L. Bruneau
Repeated Interaction Quantum Systems pp.345-364
D. Gabrielli
From Combinatorics to Large Deviations for the Invariant Measures of Some Multiclass Particle Systems pp.365-402
N. Dombrowski and F. Germinet
Linear Response Theory for Random Schroedinger Operators and Noncommutative Integration pp.403-426
W. De Roeck
Transport Fluctuations in Pauli - Fierz Models: the Role of Master Equations pp.427-444
C. Maes, K. Netocny and B. Wynants
On and beyond Entropy Production: the Case of Markov Jump Processes pp.445-464

2008 Volume 14 Issue 4

L.A. Gilch
Acceleration of Lamplighter Random Walks pp.465-486
L. Belhadji, N. Lanchier
Two-Scale Contact Process and Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on Metapopulations pp.487-514
R. Schott, G.S. Staples
Random Walks in Clifford Algebras of Arbitrary Signature as Walks on Directed Hypercubes pp.515-542
C. Boldrighini, Yu.G. Kondratiev, R.A. Minlos, A. Pellegrinotti, E.A. Zhizhina
Random Jumps in Evolving Random Environment pp.543-570
G.K. Basak, A. Biswas, S. Volkov
An Urn Model and the Odds Ratio-Based Design for Clinical Trials pp.571-582
G. Maillard, S. Schoepfer
A Functional Central Limit Theorem for Regenerative Chains pp.583-598

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