Contents of 2009-2010 issues

2009 Volume 15 Issue 1

C. Dombry and N. Guillotin-Plantard
The Curie-Weiss Model with Dynamical External Field pp. 1-30
O. Zindy
Scaling Limit and Aging for Directed Trap Models pp. 31-50
N. Gantert and P. Schmidt
Recurrence for the Frog Model with Drift on Z pp. 51-58
M. Ebbers and M. Lowe
Torpid Mixing of the Swapping Chain on Some Simple Spin Glass Models pp. 59-80
S. Dachian and B.S. Nahapetian
On Gibbsianness of Random Fields pp. 81-104
A. Camanes and P. Carmona
The Critical Temperature of a Directed Polymer in a Random Environment pp. 105-116
V.A. Malyshev and A.A. Zamyatin
Exchange Processes with a Local Interaction: Invariant Bernoulli Measures pp. 117-124

2009 Volume 15 Issue 2

M. Sunden and B. Wennberg
The Kac Master Equation with Unbounded Collision Rate pp.125-148
C. Bisceglia
Phase Transition for a System of Two Species in Competition pp.149-190
E.A. van Doorn and P.K. Pollett
Quasi-Stationary Distributions for Reducible Absorbing Markov Chains in Discrete Time pp.191-204
M. Cranston, O. Hryniv and S. Molchanov
Homo- and Hetero-Polymers in the Mean-Field Approximation pp.205-224
B. Heidergott and A. Hordijk
Measure-Valued Differentiation for the Cycle Cost Performance in the G/G/1 Queue in the Presence of Heavy-Tailed Distributions pp.225-253

2009 Volume 15 Issue 3

Inhomogeneous Random Systems. Stochastic Models for Evolution. Ancestral Problems in Population Genetics pp.255-257
S. Meleard
Introduction to Stochastic Models for Evolution pp. 259-264
N. Berestycki, A.M. Etheridge and M. Hutzenthaler
Survival, Extinction and Ergodicity in a Spatially Continuous Population Model pp. 265-288
N. Champagnat
Large Deviations for Singular and Degenerate Diffusion Models in Adaptive Evolution pp. 289-342
T. Huillet
Ancestral Problems in Population Genetics. A Short Introduction pp. 343-386
A. Lambert
The Allelic Partition for Coalescent Point Processes pp. 359-386
F. Freund and M. Moehle
On the Time Back to the Most Recent Common Ancestor and the External Branch Length of the Bolthausen - Sznitman Coalescent pp. 387-416
F. Petroni, L. Prignano and M. Serva
Family Trees: Languages and Genetics pp. 417-440

2009 Volume 15 Issue 4

A. Voss-Boehme
Gibbsian Characterization for the Reversible Measures of Interacting Particle Systems pp. 441-476
S.J. Handjani
A Particle System on the Tree with Unusual Asymptotic Behavior pp. 477-492
V. Bansaye and J. Berestycki
Large Deviations for Branching Processes in Random Environment pp. 493-524
C. Bartsch, N. Gantert and M. Kochler
Survival and Growth of a Branching Random Walk in Random Environment pp. 525-548
J. Kovats
Stopped Markov Processes and Applications to the Dirichlet Problem in a Smooth Domain pp. 549-562
C. Albanese and A. Kuznetsov
Transformations of Markov Processes and Classification Scheme for Solvable Driftless Diffusions pp. 563-574
V.A. Malyshev and A.D. Manita
Dynamics of Phase Boundary with Particle Annihilation pp. 575-584

2010 Volume 16 Issue 1

V.A. Malyshev
Foreword - After 15 Years pp. 1-2
A. van Enter and E. Verbitskiy
Erasure Entropies and Gibbs Measures pp. 3-14
G. Basile and A. Bovier
Convergence of a Kinetic Equation to a Fractional Diffusion Equation pp. 15-44
C. Maes and B. Wynants
On a Response Formula and Its Interpretation pp. 45-58
V. Jaksic, Y. Pautrat and C.-A. Pillet
A Non-commutative Levy - Cramer Continuity Theorem pp. 59-78
L.T. Rolla, V. Sidoravicius, D. Surgailis and M.E. Vares
The Discrete and Continuum Broken Line Process pp. 79-116
J. Fritz
Hyperbolic Scaling Limits: The Method of Compensated Compactness pp. 117-138
L. Avena, F. den Hollander and F. Redig
Large Deviation Principle for One-Dimensional Random Walk in Dynamic Random Environment: Attractive Spin-Flips and Simple Symmetric Exclusion pp. 139-168
A.M. Vershik
Dynamics of Metrics in Measure Spaces and Their Asymptotic Invariants pp. 169-184
W. Kager, H. Liu and R. Meester
Existence and Uniqueness of the Stationary Measure in the Continuous Abelian Sandpile pp. 185-204
F. Dunlop
Space-time Correlations of a Gaussian Interface pp. 205-222

2010 Volume 16 Issue 2

The second part of invited papers of the 15th anniversary issue of Markov Processes and Related Fields

M. Campanino, D. Ioffe and O. Louidor
Finite Connections for Supercritical Bernoulli Bond Percolation in 2D pp. 225-266
A. Rybko, S. Shlosman and A. Vladimirov
Absence of Breakdown of the Poisson Hypothesis. I. Closed Networks at Low Load pp.267-285
S. Miracle-Sole
On the Theory of Cluster Expansions pp. 287-294
K.R. Duffy
Mean Field Markov Models of Wireless Local Area Networks pp. 295-328
C. Boeinghoff, E.E. Dyakonova, G. Kersting and V.A. Vatutin
Branching Processes in Random Environment which Extinct at a Given Moment pp. 329-350
I.M. MacPhee, M.V. Menshikov and A.R. Wade
Angular Asymptotics for Multi-Dimensional Non-Homogeneous Random Walks with Asymptotically Zero Drift pp.351-388
P. Bremaud and S. Foss
Ergodicity of a Stress Release Point Process Seismic Model with Aftershocks pp. 389-408
O.J. Boxma, H. Jonsson, J.A.C. Resing and S. Shneer
An Alternating Risk Reserve Process - Part I pp. 409-424
O.J. Boxma, H. Jonsson, J.A.C. Resing and S. Shneer
An Alternating Risk Reserve Process - Part II pp. 425-446

2010 Volume 16 Issue 3

I. Papageorgiou
The Logarithmic Sobolev Inequality in Infinite Dimensions for Unbounded Spin Systems on the Lattice with Non-Quadratic Interactions pp. 447-484
G. Fayolle and K. Raschel
On the Holonomy or Algebraicity of Generating Functions Counting Lattice Walks in the Quarter-Plane pp. 485-496
A. Faggionato, D. Gabrielli and M.R. Crivellari
Averaging and Large Deviation Principles for Fully-Coupled Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes and Applications to Molecular Motors pp. 497-548
N. Berglund and B. Gentz
The Eyring - Kramers Law for Potentials with Nonquadratic Saddles pp. 549-598
P.J. Fitzsimmons and D.M. Wroblewski
Martingale Functions of Brownian Motion and its Local Time pp. 599-608

2010 Volume 16 Issue 4

Inhomogeneous Random Systems. Concentration Inequalities. Random Matrices pp. 609-611
M. Ledoux
Introduction to Concentration Inequalities pp. 613-614
Abstracts of the talks on "Concentration Inequalities" pp. 615-616
C. Roberto
Isoperimetry for Product of Probability Measures: Recent Results pp. 617-634
N. Gozlan and C. Leonard
Transport Inequalities. A Survey pp. 635-736
F. Redig and F. Wang
Transformations of One-Dimensional Gibbs Measures with Infinite Range Interaction pp. 737-752
B. Zegarlinski
Linear and Nonlinear Concentration Phenomena pp. 753-782
A. Edelman
The Random Matrix Technique of Ghosts and Shadows pp. 783-790
Abstracts of the talks on "Random matrices" pp. 791-792
P. Seba
Parking in the City: An Example of Limited Resource Sharing pp. 793-802
F. Bornemann
On the Numerical Evaluation of Distributions in Random Matrix Theory: A Review pp. 803-866

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