Contents of all issues 1995 - 2006

Volume 1
Issue 1

V.A. Malyshev, A.D. Manita, E.N. Petrova and E. Scacciatelli
Hydrodynamics of the Weakly Perturbed Voter Model
p. 3

M.V. Menshikov and S.Yu. Popov
Exact Power Estimates for Countable Markov Chains
p. 57

A.I. Ovseevich
The Laplace Operator in an Orthant (Algebraic Geometry Approach)
p. 79

A.S. Gajrat
Random Walk of an Active Particle in a Non-Homogeneous Environment
p. 91

D.D. Botvich and A.A. Zamyatin
On Fluid Approximations for Conservative Networks
p. 113

F.I. Karpelevich, V.A. Malyshev and A.N. Rybko
Stochastic Evolution of Neural Networks
p. 141

Volume 1
Issue 2

N. Cancrini and A. Galves
Approach to Equilibrium in the Symmetric Simple Exclusion Process
p. 175

F. den Hollander, M.V. Menshikov and S.E. Volkov
Two Problems about Random Walks in a Random Field of Traps
p. 185

V.A. Malyshev and F.M. Spieksma
Intrinsic Convergence Rate of Countable Markov Chains
p. 203

S. Zachary
On Two-Dimensional Markov Chains in the Positive Quadrant with Partial Spatial Homogeneity
p. 267

A.S. Gajrat, V.A. Malyshev and A.A. Zamyatin
Two-Sided Evolution of a Random Chain
p. 281

Volume 1
Issue 3

J.T. Lewis, C.-E. Pfister and W.G. Sullivan
Entropy, Concentration of Probability and Conditional Limit Theorems
p. 319

R.M. Burton, C.-E. Pfister and J.E. Steif
The Variational Principle for Gibbs States Fails on Trees
p. 387

I.V. Evstigneev
The Shortest Path Around an Island Outside the Shallows
p. 407

A. Maruani, E. Pechersky and M. Sigelle
On Gibbs Fields in Image Processing
p. 419

Volume 1
Issue 4

Roland Lvovich Dobrushin (1929--1995).
p. 447

G. Gielis and C. Maes
Local Analyticity and Bounds on the Truncated Correlation Functions in Disordered Systems
p. 459

A. Greenberg, V.A. Malyshev and S.Yu. Popov
Stochastic Model of Massively Parallel Computation
p. 473

A.L. Stolyar
On the Stability of Multiclass Queueing Networks:
A Relaxed Sufficient Condition via Limiting Fluid Processes
p. 491

M. Bebbington, P. Pollett and X. Zheng
Dual Constructions for Pure-Jump Markov Processes
p. 513

Volume 2
Issue 1

Proceedings of the Conference ``Disordered Systems and Statistical Physics:
Rigorous Results'' (August 1995, Budapest, Hungary). Editor B.Toth.

M. Campanino
Gibbs States for Random Interactions and Boundary Conditions
p. 9

P.A. Ferrari
Limit Theorems for Tagged Particles
p. 17

G. Gielis and C. Maes
High Temperature Behaviour without Analyticity
p. 41

G.R. Grimmett
Probability Theory and Phase Transition
p. 51

G.R. Grimmett, M.V. Menshikov and S.E. Volkov
Random Walks in Random Labyrinths
p. 69

A.W. Majewski and B. Zegarlinski
On Quantum Stochastic Dynamics
p. 87

F.R. Nardi and E. Olivieri
Low Temperature Stochastic Dynamics for an Ising Model with Alternating Field
p. 117

O. Penrose
The ``Game of Everything''
p. 167

H. Tasaki
The Hubbard Model: Introduction and Some Rigorous Results
p. 183

A.C.D. van Enter
On the Possible Failure of the Gibbs Property for Measures on Lattice Systems
p. 209

V. Bach and J. Poelchau
Hartree-Fock Gibbs States for the Hubbard Model
p. 225

Volume 2
Issue 2

M. Cassandro and E. Presutti
Phase Transitions in Ising Systems with Long but Finite Range Interactions
p. 241

R.A. Minlos
Invariant Subspaces of the Stochastic Ising High Temperature Dynamics
p. 263

L. Younes
Representation of Gibbs Fields with Synchronous Random Fields
p. 285

G. Fayolle and J.-M. Lasgouttes
Asymptotics and Scalings for Large Product-Form Networks via
the Central Limit Theorem
p. 317

O.J. Boxma and V.I. Lotov
On a Class of One-Dimensional Random Walks
p. 349

Volume 2
Issue 3

S. Albeverio and X.Y. Zhou
A Modified Domb-Joyce Model in Four Dimensions
p. 369

M.S. Bernabei and C. Boldrighini
Random Walks in Fluctuating Random Media
p. 401

A.S. Gajrat, R. Iasnogorodski and V.A. Malyshev
Null Recurrent String
p. 427

S.G. Foss and A.N. Rybko
Stability of Multiclass Jackson-Type Networks
p. 461

T.S. Turova
Analysis of a Biologically Plausible Neural Network via an Hourglass Model
p. 487

Volume 2
Issue 4

M. Harris and R. Meester
Nontrivial Phase Transitions in a Dependent Parametric Bond Percolation Model
p. 513

O. Häggström
A Note on (Non-)Monotonicity in Temperature for the Ising Model
p. 529

J. Feng, B. Tirozzi and R. Zucchi
Rigorous Results and Critical Capacity for a Short-Term Memory Model
p. 539

P. Del Moral
Nonlinear Filtering: Interacting Particle Solution
p. 555

F. Forbes, O. François and B. Ycart
Stochastic Comparison for Resource Sharing Models
p. 581

A. Boutet de Monvel, A. Khorunzhy and V. Vasilchuk
Limiting Eigenvalue Distribution of Random Matrices with Correlated Entries
p. 607

Volume 3
Issue 1

R. van der Hofstad, F. den Hollander and W. König
Central Limit Theorem for a Weakly Interacting Random Polymer
p. 1

P. Buttà, I. Merola and E. Presutti
On the Validity of the van der Waals Theory in Ising Systems with Long Range Interactions
p. 63

E. Kira and Chuanshu Ji
Rates of Convergence for the Gibbs Sampler
p. 89

G. Alsmeyer
The Markov Renewal Theorem and Related Results
p. 103

A.S. Gajrat, A. Hordijk, V.A. Malyshev and F.M. Spieksma
Fluid Approximations of Markov Decision Chains
p. 129

Volume 3
Issue 2

A. Bovier and V. Gayrard
An Almost Sure Central Limit Theorem for the Hopfield Model
p. 151

O. Benois, T. Bodineau, P. Buttà and E. Presutti
On the Validity of van der Waals Theory of Surface Tension
p. 175

C. Graham and S. Mèlèard
An Upper Bound of Large Deviations for a Generalized Star-Shaped Loss Network
p. 199

M.V. Menshikov and S.E. Volkov
Branching Markov Chains: Qualitative Characteristics
p. 225

I.A. Kurkova and M.V. Menshikov
Greedy algorithm, $Z^1$ case
p. 243

Volume 3
Issue 3

P. Collet, F. Dunlop, J. Fritz and T. Gobron
Langevin Dynamics of a Semi-Infinite Interface
p. 261

S. Albeverio, R. Gielerak and F. Russo
Constructive Approach to the Global Markov Property in Euclidean Quantum Field Theory
I. Construction of Transition Kernels
p. 275

A. Galves and H. Guiol
Relaxation Time of the One-Dimensional Symmetric Zero Range Process with Constant Rate
p. 323

S. Aspandiiarov and E.A. Pechersky
A Large Deviations Problem for Compound Poisson Processes in Queueing Theory
p. 333

F.P. Machado
Large Deviations for the Number of Open Clusters per site in Long Range Bond Percolation
p. 367

M.S. Bernabei
A Remark on Random Walks in Fluctuating Random Media: the Independent Case
p. 377

Volume 3
Issue 4

Special Issue on Statistical Mechanics of Large Networks
Editors G. Fayolle and J.-M. Lasgouttes

p. 389

A. Bovier and V. Gayrard
Statistical Mechanics of Neural Networks: the Hopfield Model and the Kac-Hopfield Model
p. 393

S. Albeverio and B. Tirozzi
Asymmetric Neural Networks and Immune System
p. 423

V.A. Malyshev and T.S. Turova
Gibbs Measures on Attractors in Biological Neural Networks
p. 443

F. Cesi, C. Maes and F. Martinelli
Relaxation of Random Magnets: Exact Results for the Griffiths' Regime
p. 465

C. Graham and S. Mèlèard
A Large Deviation Principle for a Large Star-Shaped Loss Network with Links of Capacity One
p. 475

N.D. Vvedenskaya and Yu.M. Suhov
Dobrushin's Mean-Field Approximation for a Queue with Dynamic Routing
p. 493

L.G. Afanassieva, F. Delcoigne and G. Fayolle
On Polling Systems where Servers Wait for Customers
p. 527

A.A. Borovkov
An Asymptotic Exit Problem for Multidimensional Markov Chains
p. 547

J.P. Quadrat and Max-Plus Working Group
Min-Plus Linearity and Statistical Mechanics
p. 565

N. O'Connell
From Laws of Large Numbers to Large Deviation Principles
p. 589

R.F. Serfozo
Point Processes in Large Spaces: Poisson Approximations
p. 597

Volume 4
Issue 1

T. Seppalainen
Hydrodynamic Scaling, Convex Duality and Asymptotic Shapes of Growth Models
pp. 1-26

A. De Masi, E. Olivieri and E. Presutti
Spectral Properties of Integral Operators in Problems of Interface Dynamics
and Metastability
pp. 27-112

A. Simonis
Filling the Hypercube in the Supercritical Contact Process in Equilibrium
pp. 113-130

Volume 4
Issue 2

V. Sidoravicius, D. Surgailis and M.E. Vares
An Exclusion Process with Two Types of Particles and the Hydrodynamic Limit
pp. 131-174

A. Boutet de Monvel and A. Khorunzhy
Limit Theorems for Random Matrices
pp. 175-197

S.A. Pirogov
Ball Packings and Moment Inequalities
pp. 199-201

I.A. Kurkova and V.A. Malyshev
Martin Boundary and Elliptic Curves
pp. 203-272

Volume 4
Issue 3

O. Haggstrom
Random-Cluster Representations in the Study of Phase Transitions
pp. 275-321

D. Ioffe
Ornstein - Zernike Behaviour and Analyticity of Shapes for Self-Avoiding Walks on Zd
pp. 323-350

J.D. Keisling
An Ergodic Theorem for the Symmetric Generalized Exclusion Process
pp. 351-379

M.S. Bernabei, C. Boldrighini, R.A. Minlos and A. Pellegrinotti
Almost-Sure Central Limit Theorem for a Model of Random Walk in Fluctuating Random Environment
pp. 381-393

M. Campanino
Strict Inequality for Critical Percolation Values in Frustrated Random-Cluster Models
pp. 395-410

M. Gianfelice and M. Isopi
Quantum Methods for Interacting Particle Systems. II. Glauber Dynamics for Ising Spin Systems
pp. 411-428

Volume 4
Issue 4

Proceedings of the First Brazilian School in Probability
(August, 1997, Rio de Janeiro). Editors M.E. Vares and M. Menshikov.

p. 430

S.C. Carmona
On Large Deviations for a Multidimensional Random Process with Slow and Fast Diffusities

F. Comets, M.V. Menshikov and S.Yu. Popov
One-Dimensional Branching Random Walk in a Random Environment: a Classification
pp. 465-477

R. Fernandez, P.A. Ferrari and N.L. Garcia
Measures on Contour, Polymer or Animal Models. A Probabilistic Approach
pp. 478-497

V.L. Girko
The V-Relation between Hermitian and Non-Hermitian Operators
and Strong Law for Normalized Spectral Functions of Non-Selfadjoint Random Matrices
with Independent Row Vectors
pp. 499-507

J. Krug
Persistence of non-Markovian Processes Related to Fractional Brownian Motion
pp. 509-516

C. Landim
Decay to Equilibrium in $L^\infty$ of Finite Interacting Particle Systems in Infinite Volume
pp. 517-534

F.P. Machado
Asymptotic Shape for the Branching Exclusion Process
pp. 535-547

F. Manzo and E. Olivieri
Relaxation Patterns for Competing Metastable States: a Nucleation and Growth Model

A. Nogueira
Invariant Measures for the Action of SL(2,Z) on R2
pp. 571-592

T. Seppalainen
Coupling the Totally Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process with a Moving Interface
pp. 593-628

V. Sidoravicius, L. Triolo and M.E. Vares
On the Forced Motion of a Heavy Particle in a Random Medium I. Existence of Dynamics
pp. 629-647

H. Spohn
Dyson's Model of Interacting Brownian Motions at Arbitrary Coupling Strength
pp. 649-661

A. Toom
Pseudo-Pinning in a Growth Model
pp. 663-668

Volume 5
Issue 1

M. Lowe
The Storage Capacity of Generalized Hopfield Models with Semantically
Correlated Patterns
pp. 1-19

S. Sellami
Equilibrium Density Fluctuations of a One-Dimensional Non-Gradient Reversible Model:
The Generalized Exclusion Process
pp. 21-51

N.E. Ratanov
Telegraph Evolutions in Inhomogeneous Media
pp. 53-68

A. Ambroladze and H. Wallin
Random Iteration of Isometries of the Hyperbolic Plane
pp. 69-88

F. Delcoigne and G. Fayolle
Thermodynamical Limit and Propagation of Chaos in Polling Systems
pp. 89-124

Volume 5
Issue 2

L. Bertini and B. Zegarlinski
Coercive Inequalities for Kawasaki Dynamics. The Product Case
pp. 125-162

F. Paulin
Propriétés Asymptotiques des Relations d'Équivalences Mesurées Discrètes
pp. 163-200

N. Guillotin
Asymptotics of a Dynamic Random Walk in a Random Scenery: II. A Functional Limit Theorem
pp. 201-218

E. Bertin, J.-M. Billiot and R. Drouilhet
k-Nearest-Neighbours Gibbs Processes
pp. 219-234

Volume 5
Issue 3

J.T. Lewis, C.-E. Pfister and W.G. Sullivan
Generic Points for Stationary Measures via Large Deviation Theory
pp. 235-267

F. Comets and O. Zeitouni
Information Estimates and Markov Random Fields
pp. 269-291

D. Crisan, P. Del Moral and T. Lyons
Discrete Filtering Using Branching and Interacting Particle Systems
pp. 293-318

L. Miclo
An Example of Application of Discrete Hardy's Inequalities
pp. 319-330

A. Alabert and M.A. Marmolejo
Reciprocal Property for a Class of Anicipating Stochastic Differential Equations
pp. 331-356

Volume 5
Issue 4

C. Kulske
(Non-) Gibbsianness and Phase Transitions in Random Lattice Spin Models
pp. 357-383

K. Ravishankar and L. Triolo
Diffusive Limit of the Lorentz Model with a Uniform Field Starting from the Markov Approximation
pp. 385-421

B. Gentz and M. Loewe
Fluctuations in the Hopfield Model at the Critical Temperature
pp. 423-449

S. Asmussen and J.F. Collamore
Exact Asymptotics for a Large Deviations Problem for the GI/G/1 Queue
pp. 451-476

L. Mazliak
Approximation of a Partially Observable Stochastic Control Problem
pp. 477-487

Volume 6
Issue 1

C. Maes, F. Redig, E. Saada and A. Van Moffaert
On the Thermodynamic Limit for a One-Dimensional Sandpile Process
pp. 1-21

N. Cancrini and F. Martinelli
Comparison of Finite Volume Canonical and Grand Canonical
Gibbs Measures under a Mixing Condition
pp. 23-72

P. Ferrari, A. Galves and C. Landim
Rate of Convergence to Equilibrium of Symmetric Simple Exclusion Processes
pp. 73-88

F.I. Karpelevich and A.N. Rybko
Thermodynamic Limit for the Mean Field Model of Simple Symmetrical Closed Queueing Network
pp. 89-105

V.V. Scherbakov
Long Time Dynamics in Large Closed Jackson Networks
pp. 107-119

Volume 6
Issue 2

S. Shlosman
Path Large Deviation and Other Typical Properties of the Low-Temperature
Models, with Applications to the Weakly Gibbs States

M. Krikun
Height of a Random Tree

A. Dembo, A. Vershik and O. Zeitouni
Large Deviations for Integer Partitions

S. Brassesco, E. Presutti, V. Sidoravicius and M.E. Vares
Ergodicity of a Glauber+Kawasaki Process with Metastable States

O. Garet
Infinite Dimensional Dynamics Associated to Quadratic Hamiltonians

S. Albeverio and X. Zhao
On the Relation between Different Constructions of Random Walks on p-adics

S. Gueron and Y. Rubinstein
The Minimal Reversible Coagulation-Fragmentation Process Having no Factorized Coagulation
and Fragmentation Rates

Volume 6
Issue 3

E. Caglioti, M. Pulvirenti and V. Ricci
Derivation of a Linear Boltzmann Equation for a Lattice Gas

M. Blank
Variational Principles in the Analysis of Traffic Flows
(Why it is Worth to Go Against the Flow)

F.J. Lopez and G. Sanz
Duality for General Interacting Particle Systems

I. Merola
Lebowitz - Penrose Limit for Continuum Particle Systems

K. Nelander
A Markov Chain Monte Carlo Study of the Beach Model

G.N. Milstein and A.Yu. Veretennikov
On Deterministic and Stochastic Sliding Modes via Small Diffusion Approximation

A. Bose and I. Kaj
A Scaling Limit Process for the Age-Reproduction Structure in a Markov Population

Volume 6
Issue 4

A. De Masi, E. Olivieri and E. Presutti
Critical Droplet for a Non-Local Mean Field Equation

S. Albeverio, L.V. Bogachev, S.A. Molchanov and E.B. Yarovaya
Annealed Moment Lyapunov Exponents for a Branching
Random Walk in a Homogeneous Random Branching Environment

I. Merola
On the Absence of Non-Translationally Invariant Gibbs States in Two Dimensions

S. Foss and D. Korshunov
Sampling at a Random Time with a Heavy-Tailed Distribution

A. Toom
Algorithmical Unsolvability of the Ergodicity Problem for Binary Cellular Automata

Volume 7
Issue 1

Special issue containing papers presented at the meeting "Inhomogeneous Random Systems
(Metastability and Relaxation of Processes, Systems Out of Equilibrium)",
25-26 January 2000, University of Cergy-Pontoise, France.
Editors Ellen Saada, Thierry Gobron and Francois Dunlop.

pp. 1-4

R. Fernandez
Metastability and Relaxation of Processes. An Overview of Basic Notions and Issues

A.D. Sokal
A Personal List of Unsolved Problems Concerning Lattice Gases
and Antiferromagnetic Potts Models
pp. 21-38

N. Cancrini and F. Martinelli
Stochastic Dynamics for the Dilute Ising Lattice Gas: Results and Open Problems

F. den Hollander, E. Olivieri and E. Scoppola
Metastability and Nucleation for Conservative Dynamics
pp. 51-53

J. Salas
Dynamic Critical Behavior of Cluster Algorithms for 2D Ashkin-Teller and Potts Models
pp. 55-74

M. Jerrum
Case Studies in Torpid Mixing: Annotated Bibliography

E. Thonnes
The Conditional Boolean Model Revisited

M. Abadi and A. Galves
Inequalities for the Occurrence Times of Rare Events in Mixing Processes. The State of the Art

S. Shlosman
The Life of Amoebas (of the Ising Model)

P. Collet
Systems out of Equilibrium

C. Maes, F. Redig and M. Verschuere
Entropy Production for Interacting Particle Systems

G. Gallavotti
Entropy Driven Intermittency

C.-A. Pillet
Entropy Production in Classical and Quantum Systems

N. Fournier and S. Meleard
Monte-Carlo Approximations and Fluctuations for 2D Boltzmann Equations without Cutoff

Volume 7
Issue 2

S. Dachian and B.S. Nahapetian
Description of Random Fields by Means of One-Point Conditional Distributions and Some Applications

T.C. Dorlas and K. Neammanee
A General Non-Commutative Limit Theorem

T.C. Dorlas
Proof of a General Non-Commutative Central Limit Theorem Using a Feynman - Kac Representation

G. Colombo and P. Dai Pra
A Class of Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes

H. Sakagawa
The Reversible Measures of Interacting Diffusion System with Plural Conservation Laws

A.A. Yambartsev and A.A. Zamyatin
Dynamics of Two Interacting Queues

G. Alsmeyer and V. Hoefs
Markov Renewal Theory for Stationary m-Block Factors

S. Volkov
Branching Random Walk in Random Environment: Fully Quenched Case

Volume 7
Issue 3

N. Dirr and S. Luckhaus
Mesoscopic Limit for Non-Isothermal Phase Transition

E. Kosygina
The Behaviour of the Specific Entropy in the Hydrodynamic
Scaling Limit for Ginzburg - Landau Model

N. Guillotin-Plantard
A Random Walk in a Quadratic Random Scenery

P. Eichelsbacher and U. Schmock
Large Deviations for Products of Empirical Measures of Dependent Sequences

G. Last and R. Szekli
Moments and Blackwell Convergence for Repairable
Systems with Heavy Tailed Lifetimes

J.-L. Bon and P. Pamphile
Pessimistic Approximations of the Reliability for Regenerative Models

Volume 7
Issue 4

R. Meester, F. Redig and D. Znamenski
The Abelian Sandpile: a Mathematical Introduction

O.S.M. Alves, F.P. Machado, S.Yu. Popov and K. Ravishankar
The Shape Theorem for the Frog Model with Random Initial Configuration

V. Dumas
Essential Faces and Stability Conditions of Multiclass Networks with Priorities

S. Poghosyan and H. Zessin
Decay of Correlations for the Ginibre Gas Obeying Maxwelltire Boltzmann Statistics
Geometric Expansion of the Log-Partition Function for the Ginibre Gas Obeying
Maxwelltire Boltzmann Statistics

R.B. Schinazi
Balance between Selection and Mutation in a Spatial Stochastic Model

V.N. Kolokol'tsov and A.E. Tyukov
The Rate of Escape of Stable Ornsteintire Uhlenbeck Processes and the
Scattering Theory for their Perturbations

O.T. Johnson
Information Inequalities and a Dependent Central Limit Theorem

Volume 8
Issue 1

D. Svensson
A Class of Renewal Processes Driven by a Birth and Death Process

T.V. Dudnikova, A.I. Komech and H. Spohn
On a Two-Temperature Problem for Wave Equation

C. Boldrighini, R.A. Minlos and A. Pellegrinotti
Directed Polymers in Markov Random Media

C. Takacs
Strong Law of Large Numbers for Branching Markov Chains

A. Lejay
On the Decomposition of Excursions Measures of Processes Whose Generators
Have Diffusion Coefficients Discontinuous at One Point

A.B. Varakin and A.Yu. Veretennikov
On Parameter Estimation for "Polynomial Ergodic"
Markov Chains with Polynomial Growth Loss Functions

Volume 8
Issue 2

Special issue containing papers presented at the meeting "Inhomogeneous Random Systems
(Rapidity of Convergence to Equilibrium or Stationary States, Coarse Graining in Statistical
Mechanics with Long Range Potentials)" held at the University of Cergy-Pontoise, near Paris,
23-24 January 2001. Editors Ellen Saada, Thierry Gobron and Francois Dunlop.

pp. 145-148

V. Baladi
Finite-Dimensional Functional Analysis Applied to Transfer Operators for Infinite-Dimensional Maps

C. Liverani
Computing the Rate of Decay of Correlations in Expanding and Hyperbolic Systems

D. Talay
Stochastic Hamiltonian Systems: Exponential Convergence to the Invariant Measure,
and Discretization by the Implicit Euler Scheme

J.C. Mattingly and A.M. Stuart
Geometric Ergodicity of Some Hypo-Elliptic Diffusions for Particle Motions
pp. 199-214

W. Krauth
Disks on a Sphere and Two-Dimensional Glasses

E. Janvresse
Approach to Equilibrium for Kac Master Equation
pp. 221-232

S.G. Bobkov, I. Gentil and M. Ledoux
Hypercontractivity of Hamilton - Jacobi Equations

C. Villani
On the Trend to Equilibrium for Kinetic Equations

N. Cancrini
Relaxation to Equilibrium of Spin Exchange Dynamics for Lattice Gases

F. Baffioni, I. Merola and E. Presutti
The Liquid and Vapor Phases in Particle Models
with Kac Potentials
pp. 271-318

T. Bodineau
On the van der Waals Theory of Surface Tension

L. Triolo
Free Energy Functionals in the Mesoscopic Description of Phase Transitions

O. Penrose
Statistical Mechanics of Nonlinear Elasticity

L. Bertini
Dynamic Fluctuations for Kac and Related Models

M. Zahradnik
Cluster Expansions of Small Contours in Abstract Pirogov - Sinai Models

Volume 8
Issue 3

M. Zahradnik
Cluster Expansions of Small Contours in Abstract Pirogov - Sinai Models

A. Bovier and M. Zahradnik
Cluster Expansions and Pirogov - Sinai Theory for Long Range Spin Systems

A.C.D. van Enter, I. Medved' and K. Netocny
Chaotic Size Dependence in the Ising Model with Random Boundary Conditions

A.I. Petrov
Critical S0L systems

B.L. Granovsky
The Simplest Nearest-Neighbour Spin Systems on Regular Graphs: Time Dynamics of the Mean Coverage Function

Volume 8
Issue 4

T.M. Liggett
Negative Correlations and Particle Systems

G. Ben Arous, O. Hryniv and S. Molchanov
Phase Transition for the Spherical Hierarchical Model

P. Mathieu
Log-Sobolev and Spectral Gap Inequalities for the Knapsack Markov Chain

R. Liptser, V. Spokoiny and A.Yu. Veretennikov
Freidlin - Wentzell Type Large Deviations for Smooth Processes

D. Svensson
A Random Environment Generalization of Lorden's Renewal Inequality

M. Gonzalez, M. Molina and M. Mota
Bisexual Galton - Watson Branching Processes with Immigration of Females and Males. Asymptotic Behaviour

A. Chen and K. Liu
Piecewise Birth-Death Processes

Volume 9
Issue 1

L. Bertini, P. Butta, E. Presutti and E. Saada

Interface Fluctuations in a Conserved System: Derivation and Long
Time Behaviour
pp. 1-34

E. De Santis
Torpid Mixing of Swendsen -- Wang Dynamics on Z^d for
Low-temperature Non-ferromagnetic Disordered Systems
pp. 35-57

R. Meester and C. Quant
On a Long Range Particle System with Unbounded Flip Rates
pp. 59-84

V. Betz
Existence of Gibbs Measures Relative to Brownian Motion
pp. 85-102

B. Jourdain
Nonlinear Processes Associated with the Discrete
Smoluchowski Coagulation-Fragmentation Equation
pp. 103-130

S. Ludkovsky and A. Khrennikov
Stochastic Processes on
Non-Archimedean Spaces with Values in Non-Archimedean Fields
pp. 131-162

Volume 9
Issue 2

Special issue containing papers presented at the meeting held at the
University of Cergy-Pontoise, France, 22-23 January 2002
Editors: Ellen Saada, Thierry Gobron and Francois Dunlop.
pp. 163-166

P. Contucci
Toward a Classification of Stochastically Stable Quenched Measures
pp. 167-176

A. Coolen
Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of Minority Games
pp. 177-194

F. Guerra, F.L. Toninelli
The infinite volume limit in generalized mean field disordered models
pp. 195-207

A. Bovier, I. Kurkova
Rigorous results on some simple spin glass models
pp. 209-242

J. Kurchan
Supersymmetry, replica and dynamic treatments of disordered systems: a parallel presentation
pp. 243-260

J. Bellissard, J. Magnen, V. Rivasseau
Supersymmetric Analysis of a Simplified Two Dimensional Anderson Model at Small Disorder
pp. 261-278

Y. Fyodorov, E. Strahov
On characteristic polynomials of random
Hermitian matrices: Gaussian Unitary Ensemble and its chiral counterpart
pp. 279-299

J.L. Jacobsen, P. Zinn-Justin
Matrix Models and the Enumeration of Alternating Tangles
pp. 301-310

M. Disertori
Smoothness of the averaged density of states in a random band matrix model
pp. 311-322

Patrik L. Ferrari, H. Spohn
Last Branching in Directed Last Passage Percolation
pp. 323-339

Volume 9
Issue 3

D. Chafai
Glauber versus Kawasaki for Spectral Gap and Logarithmic
Sobolev Inequalities of Some Unbounded Conservative Spin Systems
pp. 341-362

J. Englander, F. den Hollander
Survival Asymptotics for Branching
Brownian Motion in a Poissonian Trap Field
pp. 363-389

M. Campanino, D. Petritis
Random Walks on Randomly Oriented Lattices
pp. 391-412

S. Foss, T. Konstantopoulos
Extended Renovation Theory and Limit
Theorems for Stochastic Ordered Graphs
pp. 413-468

V.V. Scherbakov
Stochastic Model of Trend Dynamics and a Density
Dependent Population Process with Discontinuity
pp. 469-486

S. Isola
On the Rate of Convergence to Equilibrium for Countable
Ergodic Markov Chains
pp. 487-512

M. Gianfelice, M. Isopi
Erratum and Addenda to ``Quantum Methods for
Interacting Particle Systems II, Glauber Dynamics for Ising Spin Systems''
pp. 513-516

Volume 9
Issue 4

Special issue containing contributions by participants of the conference
``Mathematical aspects of random systems and statistical mechanics''
in the honour of Leonid Pastur.
Editors: Jean-Michel Combes, Jean Ruiz and Valentin A. Zagrebnov.
pp. 519-522

Ph. Blanchard, D. Gandolfo, J. Ruiz, S. Shlosman
On the Euler - Poincare Characteristic of the Random Cluster Model
pp. 523-545

H. Cornean
Magnetic Response in Ideal Quantum Gases: the Thermodynamic Limit
pp. 547-566

T.C. Dorlas, J.V. Pule
Invariant Measures for One-Dimensional Anderson Localisation
pp. 567-578

A. Fedotov, F. Klopp
The Spectral Theory of Adiabatic Quasi-Periodic Operators on the Real Line
pp. 579-614

E. Strahov, Y.V. Fyodorov
Correlation Functions of Characteristic Polynomials as Determinants of
Integrable Kernels: Universality in the Dyson Limit
pp. 615-632

F. Germinet, A. Klein
High Disorder Localization for Random Schrodinger Operators Through Explicit
Finite Volume Criteria
pp. 633-650

D. Hundertmark, W. Kirsch, S. Warzel
Classical Magnetic Lifshits Tails in Three Space Dimensions:
Impurity Potentials with Slow Anisotropic Decay
pp. 651-660

V. Jaksic, Y. Last
Scattering from Subspace Potentials for Schrodinger Operators on Graphs
pp. 661-674

O. Khorunzhiy
Limit Theorem for Sums of Products of Random Variables
pp. 675-686

W. Kirsch, S. Molchanov, L. Pastur, B. Vainberg
Quasi 1D Localization: Deterministic and Random Potentials
pp. 687-708

S. Kotani
A Thermodynamic Limit of Relative Fredholm Determinant of
Green Operators for Random Schrodinger Operators
pp. 709-716

D. Lenz, N. Peyerimhoff, I. Veselic
Random Schrodinger Operators on Manifolds
pp. 717-728

H. Leschke, P. Muller, S. Warzel
A Survey of Rigorous Results on Random Schrodinger Operators
for Amorphous Solids
pp. 729-760

S. Miracle-Sole
Low Temperature States of the Two and Three Dimensional Falicov - Kimball Models
pp. 761-774

G.D. Raikov
Spectral Asymptotics for the Perturbed 2D Pauli Operator with Oscillating
Magnetic Fields. I. Non-Zero Mean Value of the Magnetic Field
pp. 775-794

H. Schulz-Baldes
Lifshitz Tails for the 1D Bernoulli - Anderson Model
pp. 795-802

M. Shcherbina, B. Tirozzi
Central Limit Theorems for Order Parameters of the Gardner Problem
pp. 803-828

C. Shubin, T. Wolff
Contraction Estimates on Groups
pp. 829-840

Volume 10
Issue 1

O. Hryniv and D. Ioffe
Self-Avoiding Polygons: Sharp Asymptotics of
Canonical Partition Functions Under the Fixed Area Constraint
pp. 1-64

A. Le Ny and F. Redig
Large Deviation Principle at Fixed Time in Glauber Evolutions
pp. 65-74

C. Kulske
Regularity Properties of Potentials for Joint Measures
of Random Spin Systems
pp. 75-88

O. Benois, R. Esposito, R. Marra and M. Mourragui
Hydrodynamics of a Driven Lattice Gas with Open Boundaries:
the Asymmetric Simple Exclusion
pp. 89-112

P. Dai Pra and S. Roelly
An Existence Result for Infinite-Dimensional
Brownian Diffusions with Non-Regular and Non-Markovian Drift
pp. 113-136

M.V. Menshikov, S.Yu. Popov, V. Sisko and M. Vachkovskaia
On a Many-Dimensional Random Walk in a Rarefied Random Environment
pp. 137-160

L.M. Morato
Some New Conditions for the Existence of Singular Non-Symmetric Diffusions
pp. 161-174

K. Duffy and W.G. Sullivan
Logarithmic Asymptotics for Unserved Messages at a FIFO
pp. 175-189

Volume 10
Issue 2

C. Tremoulet
Equilibrium Fluctuations for an Interacting Brownian Particles Process
pp. 191-215

M. Deijfen, O. Haggstrom and J. Bagley
A Stochastic Model for Competing Growth on R^d.
pp. 217-248

T. Kuneth
Large Deviations for Random Fields on $Z^d$ with Unbounded Interaction
pp. 249-288

E.E. Dyakonova, J. Geiger and V.A. Vatutin
On the Survival Probability and a Functional Limit Theorem
for Branching Processes in Random Environment
pp. 289-306

E. Zhizhina
Convergence Properties of Quasi-Particles of
Various Species in the Stochastic Blume-Capel Model
pp. 307-326

Y. Kovchegov
The Brownian Bridge Asymptotics in the Subcritical
Phase of Bernoulli Bond Percolation Model
pp. 327-344

P. Eichelsbacher and M. Lowe
Moderate Deviations for a Class of Mean-Field Models
pp. 345-366

N. Konno, R.B. Schinazi and H. Tanemura
Coexistence Results for a Spatial Stochastic Epidemic Model
pp. 367-376

Volume 10
Issue 3

Special issue containing proceedings of the workshop
``Gibbs vs. Non-Gibbs in Statistical Mechanics and Related Fields''.
Editors: Aernout C.D. van Enter, Frank Redig and Arnaud Le Ny.
pp. 377-379

L. Bertini, E.N.M. Cirillo and E. Olivieri
Gibbsian Properties and Convergence of the Iterates for the Block Averaging Transformation
pp. 381-394

D. Dereudre and S. Roelly
On Gibbsianness of Infinite-Dimensional Diffusions
pp. 395-410

A.C.D. van Enter and E.A. Verbitskiy
On the Variational Principle for Generalized Gibbs Measures
pp. 411-434

R. Fernandez and G. Maillard
Chains and Specifications
pp. 435-456

H. Guiol
About the Long Range Exclusion Process
pp. 457-476

O. Haggstrom and C. Kulske
Gibbs Properties of the Fuzzy Potts Model on Trees and in Mean Field
pp. 477-506

F. den Hollander
Gibbs under Stochastic Dynamics?
pp. 507-516

R.B. Israel
Some Generic Results in Mathematical Physics
pp. 517-521

R. Kuhn
Gibbs vs. Non-Gibbs in the Equilibrium Ensemble Approach to
Disordered Systems
pp. 523-545

C. Kulske
How Non-Gibbsianness Helps a Metastable Morita Minimizer
to Provide a Stable Free Energy
pp. 547-564

Volume 10
Issue 4

P. Jung
Perturbations of the Symmetric Exclusion Process
pp. 565-584

T.C. Dorlas and W.M.B. Dukes
Fluctuations of the Local Magnetic
Field in Frustrated Mean-Field Ising Models
pp. 585-606

A. Procacci, B. Scoppola, G.A. Braga and R. Sanchis
Percolation Connectivity in the Highly Supercritical Regime
pp. 607-628

A.M. Alhakim, J. Kawczak and S. Molchanov
On the Class of Nilpotent Markov Chains, I.
The Spectrum of Covariance Operator

S. Roelly and M. Sortais
Space-Time Asymptotics of an Infinite-Dimensional Diffusion
Having a Long-Range Memory

M. Hildebrand
Rates of Convergence of the Diaconis - Holmes - Neal
Markov Chain Sampler with a V-Shaped Stationary Probability

A. Hinojosa
Exit Time for a Reaction Diffusion Model

Volume 11
Issue 1

H.-O. Georgii and R. Tumulka

Global Existence of Bell's Time-Inhomogeneous Jump Process for Lattice Quantum Field Theory
pp. 1-18

D. Panchenko

A Note on the Free Energy of the Coupled System
in the Sherrington - Kirkpatrick Model
pp. 19-36

M. Menshikov, D. Petritis and S. Popov

A Note on Matrix Multiplicative Cascades and Bindweeds
pp. 37-54

I. Kurkova

Fluctuations of the Free Energy and Overlaps
in the High-Temperature p-Spin SK and Hopfield Models
pp. 55-80

A.I. Komech, E.A. Kopylova and N.J. Mauser

On Convergence to Equilibrium Distribution for Schrodinger Equation
pp. 81-110

Yu.G. Kondratiev and O.V. Kutoviy

Existence and Some Properties of Gibbs Measures in the Continuum
pp. 111-132

M. Shcherbina and B. Tirozzi

Central Limit Theorems for the Free Energy of the Modified
Gardner Model
pp. 133-144

A.E. Kyprianou

Asymptotic Radial Speed of the Support of Supercritical
Branching Brownian Motion and Super-Brownian Motion in $R^d$
pp. 145-156

S. Albeverio and S. Liang

A Limit Theorem for the Wick Exponential of the Free Lattice Fields
pp. 157-164

D. Denisov

A Note on the Asymptotics for the Maximum on a
Random Time Interval of a Random Walk
pp. 165-169

Volume 11
Issue 2

Inhomogeneous Random Systems: Quantum Information Theory.
Low Energy States in Quantum Many Body Systems. Interacting Particle Systems: New Trends,
with Applications in Biology and Economy
pp. 171-176

P. Briet, H.D. Cornean and D. Louis

Generalized Susceptibilities for a Perfect Quantum Gas
pp. 177-188

P. Caputo

Energy Gap Estimates in XXZ Ferromagnets and Stochastic Particle Systems
pp. 189-210

O. Bolina, P. Contucci and B. Nachtergaele

Path Integral Representations for the
Spin-Pinned Quantum XXZ Chain
pp. 211-221

T. Kennedy

Expansions for Droplet States in the Ferromagnetic XXZ Heisenberg Chain
pp. 223-236

T. Michoel and B. Nachtergaele

The Large-Spin Asymptotics of the Ferromagnetic XXZ Chain
pp. 237-266

V.A. Zagrebnov

One-Mode Bose - Einstein Condensation and Bogoliubov Theory
pp. 267-282

C. Maes

New Trends in Interacting Particle Systems
pp. 283-288

B. Derrida

Statistical Properties of Genealogical Trees
pp. 289

P. Hogeweg

Multilevel Particle Systems and the Study of Biological Evolution
pp. 291-312

A.A. Jarai

Thermodynamic Limit of the Abelian Sandpile Model on $Z^d$
pp. 313-336

V.A. Malyshev

Fixed Points for Stochastic Open Chemical Systems
pp. 337-354

R. Meester and C. Quant

Connections Between `Self-Organised' and `Classical' Criticality
pp. 355-370

J. Miekisz

Long-Run Behavior of Games with Many Players
pp. 371-388

L. Triolo

Space Structures and Different Scales for Many-Component Biosystems
pp. 389-404

Volume 11
Issue 3

A. Dermoune and P. Heinrich

Equivalence of Ensembles for Coloured Particles in a Disordered
Lattice Gas
pp. 405-424

A. Fey-den Boer and F. Redig

Organized Versus Self-Organized Criticality in the
Abelian Sandpile Model
pp. 425-442

P. Collet, D. Duarte and A. Galves

Bootstrap Central Limit Theorem for Chains of Infinite Order
via Markov Approximations
pp. 443-464

Dmitry Khmelev (Obituary)
p. 465

D. Khmelev

On Convergence to Equilibrium of Infinite Closed Jackson Networks
pp. 467-488

A. Manita and V. Shcherbakov

Asymptotic Analysis of a Particle System with Mean-Field
pp. 489-518

K. Fleischmann and J. Xiong

Large Deviation Principle for the Single Point Catalytic
Super-Brownian Motion
pp. 519-533

E. Jarpe

An Ising-Type Model for Spatio-Temporal Interactions

Volume 11
Issue 4

A. Gaudilliere, E. Olivieri and E. Scoppola

Nucleation Pattern at Low Temperature
for Local Kawasaki Dynamics in Two Dimensions

W. Hachem, P. Loubaton and J. Najim

The Empirical Eigenvalue Distribution of a
Gram Matrix: From Independence to Stationarity

L.R.G. Fontes, M. Vachkovskaia and A. Yambartsev

A Dynamical Surface Interacting with Rarefied Walls

F. Zhang

Ergodicity and Reversibility of the Minimal Diffusion

C. Albanese and S. Lawi

Laplace Transforms for Integrals of Markov Processes

Volume 12
Issue 1

A. Telcs

Upper Bounds for Transition Probabilities on Graphs
and Isoperimetric Inequalities

A. Devulder

Some Properties of the Rate Function of Quenched Large
Deviations for Random Walk in Random Environment

T. Schreiber

A Polyhedral Markov Field - Pushing the Arak-Surgailis
Construction into Three Dimensions

S. Albeverio and Ya. Belopolskaya

Probabilistic Approach to Systems of Nonlinear PDEs and Vanishing Viscosity Method

V.N. Kolokoltsov

Kinetic Equations for the Pure Jump Models
of k-nary Interacting Particle Systems

J. Li and A. Chen

Markov Branching Processes with Immigration and Resurrection
pp. 139-168

O. Penrose

Correction to `Statistical Mechanics of Nonlinear Elasticity'
(Markov Processes and Related Fields, 2002, v.8, 351-364)

Volume 12
Issue 2


Pablo A. Ferrari and J.B. Martin

Multi-Class Processes, Dual Points and M/M/1 Queues

Patrik L. Ferrari and M. Prahofer

One-Dimensional Stochastic Growth and Gaussian Ensembles of Random Matrices

S. Goldstein, J.L. Lebowitz and E.R. Speer

Large Deviations for a Point Process of Bounded Variability

E. Caglioti, T. Kuna, J.L. Lebowitz and E.R. Speer

Point Processes with Specified Low Order Correlations

J.B. Martin

Last-Passage Percolation with General Weight Distribution

H. Guiol and T. Mountford

Questions for Second Class Particles in Exclusion Processes

A. Rakos, M. Paessens and G.M. Schutz

Broken Ergodicity in Driven One-Dimensional Particle Systems with
Short-Range Interaction

A. Rakos and G.M. Schutz

Bethe Ansatz and Current Distribution for the TASEP with
Particle-Dependent Hopping Rates

J. Bertoin

Different Aspects of a Model for Random Fragmentation Processes

L.L. Bonilla, A. Carpio, Y. Farjoun and J.C. Neu

Asymptotic and NumericalStudies of the Becker - Doring Model
for Transient Homogeneous Nucleation

F.P. da Costa, H.J. van Roessel and J.A.D. Wattis

Long-Time Behaviour and Self-Similarity in a Coagulation Equation with Input
of Monomers

N. Fournier

A Distance for Coagulation

J.R. Norris

Notes on Brownian Coagulation

P. Gwiazda and B. Perthame

Invariants and Exponential Rate of Convergence to Steady State in the Renewal Equation

F. Rezakhanlou

The Coagulating Brownian Particles and Smoluchowski's Equation

Volume 12
Issue 3

A.-L. Basdevant

Ruelle's Probability Cascades Seen as a Fragmentation Process

C. Boldrighini, R.A. Minlos and A. Pellegrinotti

Directed Polymers up to the L_2 Threshold

B. Heidergott and F.J. Vazquez-Abad

Measure-Valued Differentiation for Random Horizon Problems

D. Hoef

Distribution of the k-Multiple Point Range in the Closed Simple Random Walk I

F.J. Piera, R.R. Mazumdar and F.M. Guillemin

On the Local Times and Boundary Properties of Reflected Diffusions
with Jumps in the Positive Orthant

J. Trashorras

Laplace's Method and High Temperature Generalized Hopfield Models

Volume 12
Issue 4

O. Couronne

Poisson Approximation for Large Clusters in the Supercritical FK Model

T.V. Dudnikova, H. Spohn

Local Stationarity for Lattice Dynamics in the Harmonic Approximation

A. Gillett, R. Meester, M. Nuyens

Bounds for Avalanche Critical Values of the Bak - Sneppen Model

O. Garet, R. Marchand

Competition between Growths Governed by Bernoulli Percolation

E. Lebensztayn, F.P. Machado, M.Z. Martinez

Self-Avoiding Random Walks on Homogeneous Trees

M. Gubinelli

Gibbs Measures for Self-Interacting Wiener Paths

V. Vysotsky

A Functional Limit Theorem for the Position of a Particle in a Lorentz Type Model

J. Depoorter, C. Maes

Stavskaya's Measure Is Weakly Gibbsian

N. Gantert, S. Mueller

The Critical Branching Markov Chain Is Transient

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