Notes for the Authors

In addition to research papers, reviews, tutorial papers and short explanations of new applied fields with new mathematical problems are extremely welcome. It is our aim to provide a rapid dissemination of contributions in the areas mentioned.

Papers should be written in English; papers in other languages may be accepted by the Editor-in-Chief. The paper should include:

If necessary, papers by non-native speakers will be rephrased and the authors will be asked to check the modified version.
Contributors are kindly requested send a file with the contributed paper in LaTeX, TeX or some other TeX-variant by e-mail to the Editor-in-Chief to two addresses:
The contributed paper could be provided with copies of the main source papers to the contributed paper. This will strongly facilitate and accelerate the refereeing process. Copies of the main source papers as well as a copy of the contributed paper could be sent to two addresses:

Vadim A. Malyshev
Laboratory of large random systems
Dept. of Mechanics and Mathematics
Moscow State University
Vorobievy Gory
119952 Moscow Russia
Elena Petrova
P.O. Box 207
125190 Moscow

A condition for accepting submitted papers to be considered for publication and to be refereed accordingly, is that submitted papers have not been published, nor will be simultaneously submitted or published elsewhere.

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