International Topological Conference

Alexandroff Readings

Moscow (Russia), May 21-25, 2012

The conference is traditionally organized at the Moscow State University in honour of P.S.Alexandroff (1896-1982) by the Chairs of Higher Geometry and Topology, of Differential Geometry and Applications, and of General Topology and Geometry.
The conference is supported by
the Lomonosov Moscow State University
the Bogolubov Laboratory of Geometrical Methods in Mathematical Physics
the Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences

Co-Chairmen: S.P.Novikov, A.T.Fomenko, V.V.Fedorchuk

Scientific Committee:
A. V. Bolsinov, V. M. Buchstaber, B. A. Dubrovin, S. D. Iliadis, A. O. Ivanov, J. van Mill, A. S. Mishchenko, B. A. Pasynkov, J. H. Przytycki, T. Ratiu

The main topics of the conference include: K-Theory, Algebraic and Geometric Topology, Toric topology and combinatorics, Knot Theory, Symplectic Geometry and Topology, Dynamics of Hamiltonian Systems, Geometric Methods in Non-Linear Equations, Geometric Variational Problems, Topological Groups and Transformation Groups, Geometric Topology, Discrete Computational Geometry, Computer Geometry, Modern Differential Geometry, Set-Theoretic Topology, Dimension Theory.
The deadline for registration is March 1, 2012 (extended till March 20).

Conference fee is 70 US dollars. (Payment in Russian rubles for Russian participants.)
Conference dinner is 80 US dollars.

Partial financial support is available for a very limited number of participants, mainly for young researchers.

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