International Conference

Analysis, Topology and Applications

(in celebration of Professor A.S.Mishchenko's 70-th birthday)

Harbin, August 22 - 26, 2011

organized by the Academy for Interdisciplinary Sciences (Harbin Institute of Technology) jointly with the Laboratory of Geometric Methods of Mathematical Physics (Moscow State University)


You Hong (Harbin and Suzhou), Vladimir Manuilov (Moscow and Harbin), Wang Ming-xin (Harbin), Zheng Shi-xian (Harbin)

Some practical information

We plan to meet all the participants at the airport. In case of delay you may print out the text (both in English and in Chinese) and show it to taxi driver and to hotel manager if nobody meets you in the airport. The text also contains a useful phone number.

Program (PDF) or (DOC)

List of Talks:

Paulo Almeida (Lisbon) A role for type III von Neumann algebras in Number Theory
Jesus Antonio Alvarez Lopez (Santiago de Compostela) Stratified Witten perturbation
Dan Burghelea (Ohio) New topological invariants for tame maps (bar codes and Jordan cells)
Alexey Chernavsky (Moscow) Some remarks on contractibility of neighborhoods in the manifold homeomorphism group
Vitaliy Fedorchuk (Moscow) Infinite polyhedral and complex dimensions
Sabir Gusein-Zade (Moscow) Equivariant Saito duality and monodromy zeta functions of dual invertible polynomials
Stavros Iliadis (Patras and Moscow) On isometric embeddings
Jury Kordyukov (Ufa) Hamiltonian dynamics in noncommutative geometry
Jan Kubarski (Lodz) Infinitesimal Cech-Hochschild bicomplex
Vasily Manturov (Moscow) Parity in Low-Dimensional Topology
Vladimir Manuilov (Moscow) On (non)invertibility of C*-extensions
Dmitry Millionshchikov (Moscow) Rigid cocycles in Lie algebra cohomology
Alexander Mishchenko (Moscow) Characteristic classes of transitive Lie algebroids. Categorical point of view
Oleg Mokhov (Moscow) On realization of Frobenius manifolds as submanifolds in pseudo-Euclidean spaces
Ryszard Nest (Copenhagen) Algebraic index theorem for gerbes on symplectic manifolds
Igor Nikonov (Moscow) Hopf cyclic homology and Chern character of Lie group action on manifolds
Crichton Ogle (Ohio) A surgery exact sequence for proper actions (joint work with J. Fowler and A. Mishchenko)
Theodore Popelensky (Moscow) TBA
Elmar Schrohe (Hannover) A K-theoretic proof of the families index theorem for Boutet de Monvel's calculus
Vladimir Sharko (Kiev) Some aspects of non-commutative topology
Georgiy Sharygin (Moscow) Twisting cochains and characteristic classes of simplicial manifolds
Evgenij Troitsky (Moscow) Counting Reidemeister classes
Hang Wang (Beijing) K-theoretic Index and the Index Formulas
Shengzhi Xu (Shanghai) The signature as the pairing of Wall groups and KK-groups
Shengkui Ye (Singapore) A unified approach to: the plus-construction, Bousfield localization, Moore spaces and zero-in-the-spectrum examples
Hong You (Souzhou and Harbin) Subnormal Structure of Classical Groups over Banach Algebra
Chao You (Harbin) An example of non-C*-reflexive C*-algebra
Weiping Zhang (Tianjin) Geometric quantization on noncompact manifolds
Jingming Zhu (Harbin) C*-reflexivity doesn’t pass to quotients
Viktor Zvyagin (Voronezh) The theory of attractors for non invariant space

Accomodation, fees and other expences

Accommodation and full board for the conference speakers will be provided by the organizers. Other participants have to pay the fee, which includes full board and local trip (but not accommodation) and is 1000 Yuan for Chinese professors, 600 Yuan for Chinese students, 150 US Dollars for foreign professors and 100 US Dollars for foreign students.