Moscow Operator Algebras and Topology Page

Professor Mishchenko A.S. e-mail:
Research interests: Fredholm representations; Novikov conjecture; Asymptotic representations; Hilbert C*-modules; Topology of manifolds; etc.
Professor Helemskii A.Ya. e-mail:
Research interests: Homology theory of operator algebras
Professor Troitsky E.V. e-mail:
Research interests: Theory of Hilbert C*-modules; non-commutative dynamical systems; Novikov conjecture; C*-index theory
Professor Manuilov V.M. e-mail:
Research interests: Hilbert C*-modules; asymptotic group representations and almost commuting operators; asymptotic homomorphisms of C*-algebras, E-theory and C*-extensions; applications to topology

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