Alexander I. Komech, Senior Scientist

Director of Research in French-Russian A.M.Liapunov Institute of Moscow State University.

Date of birth: May, 5, 1946.
Degree: PhD (Candidate of Scienses)1974, Moscow State University
fax: (7-095) 932-89-52

Subjects of researches:

Stabilization of statistical solutions to wave and Klein-Gordon equations. Statistical solutions to Navier-Stokes system. Large deviations of solutions to stochastic non-linear parabolic partial differential equations. Long-time asymptotics and attractors of solutions to nonlinear hyperbolic partial differential equations. Boundary value problems in the regions with corners. Diffraction of waves on a wedge. Mathematical problems of quantum physics and of statistical physics.

Publications: 68 Mathematical papers

Chapters in Books:

  1. ( with M.I.Vishik) "Homogeneous in $x$ Solutions of the Stochastic Navier-Stokes System with White Noise", p.335-556 in the monograph: M.I.Vishik, A.V.Fursikov, "Mathematical Problems in Statistical Hydromechanics", Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1988.
  2. " Linear Partial Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients", p.127-260 in: Encyclopaedia of Mathematical Sciences, v.31, Springer, Berlin, 1994.
  3. Manual-Problems Collection "Practice in Mathematical Physics Equations", Moscow University Publishing, 1986, 159p; 2nd edition 1994.

    Basic publications

    [1] Elliptic boundary value problems on manifolds with piecewise smooth boundary, Math. USSR sbornik, v.21, (1973), no.1, 91-135.
    [2] with A.V.Fursikov, M.I.Vishik, Some mathematical problems of statistical hydromechanics , Russian Math. Surveys v.34, 1979, 149-224.
    [3] ", An estimate for the mean square of the difference of velocities for homogeneous statistical solutions of the three-dimensional Navier-Stokes system, Journal of Soviet Mathematics, v.45, N.5, June, 1989, 1367-1373.
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    [26] with P.Joly and O.Vacus, On Transitions to Stationary States in a Maxwell-Landau-Lifchitz-Gilbert System, Rapport de Recherche No.3287, INRIA, 1997, 1-32.

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