Applet "Lines"

You should run some Java-enabled browser to see the applet.

Gather 5 or more balls of the same color in a line (it may be row, column, or diagonal). To move a ball, select it by mouse click, and then select a new cell. Ball rolls to the new position, if there is a path to it. A line of 5 or more balls is checked out, and you receive bonus points -- one point for each ball removed.

Computer throws 3 new balls of random colors at its every move. Game ends, when there is no free cells left on the game field.

If you check out more than 5 balls or more then one row, you receive additional bonus points -- one point for each ball above 5, and two points for every ball in additional rows.

All sources (including java-source, ball images, class-files etc.).

The source text of the "Lines" applet.