"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 2 (1996), number 4

Research Papers Dedicated to the Memory of B.V.Gnedenko

Probability theory and B.V.Gnedenko 955
V.E.Bening, V.Yu.Korolev
Asymptotic behavior of nonrandomly centered generalized Cox processes 957-975
Limit theorems for stopping-times of random walks in a band 977-997
A.V.Bulinski, M.A.Vronski
Statistical variant of the CLT for associated random fields 999-1018
Asymptotics of the Shannon entropy for sums of independent random variables 1019-1028
A.A.Zamyatin, A.A.Yambartsev
Transient dynamics of two interacting random strings 1029-1043
Upper estimate of the rate of convergence in the generalized Lindeberg--Feller theorem 1045-1053
V.V.Kalashnikov, D.Konstantinidis
Ruin probability 1055-1100
On bounds for the pointwise availability of a repairable component 1101-1105
Asymptotic of maxima in the infinite server queue with bounded batch sizes 1107-1115
The double sum method for Gaussian fields with a parameter set in lp 1117-1141
Pseudostable distributions and their domains of attraction 1143-1154

Research Papers

Skew polynomials over local rings 1155-1162
A.I.Belousov, A.V.Pastukhovsky
Oriented hypergraphs and rewriting systems 1163-1186
B.I.Berezin, N.Yu.Petuhova
Using of asymptotic representations for constructing numerical algorithms of singularly perturbed boundary value problems solving 1187-1194
Harmonic solution for the inverse problem of the Newtonian potential theory 1195-1204
The modified Dirichlet problem for the elliptic system of equations that degenerates on the n-dimensional sphere and at the origin of coordinates 1205-1212
V.L.Kovalev, A.A.Kroupnov
Comparison of phenomenological catalytic activity for high-temperature reusable surface insulation 1213-1225
On the nilpotency of subrings of skew group rings 1227-1233
The volume of polyhedron as a function of its metric 1235-1246
The solvability of some exactly solvable soliton-like equations in terms of hypergeometric functions 1247-1255
On Lie automorphisms of simple rings of characteristic 2 1257-1268

All articles are published in Russian.

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