"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 13 (2007), Number 4

Matrix Theory and Its Applications

E. I. Bunina
Automorphisms of Chevalley groups of types B2 and G2 over local rings 3-29
S. Gaubert, S. N. Sergeev
Cyclic projectors and separation theorems in idempotent convex geometry 31-52
M. A. Efimov
Linear matrix transformations that are monotone with respect to the $ \overset {\sharp }{\leq } $- or $ \overset {\textrm {cn}}{\leq } $-order 53-66
I. I. Kyrchei
Cramer's rule for quaternionic systems of linear equations 67-94
E. M. Kreines
Equations determining Belyi pairs, with applications to anti-Vandermonde systems 95-112
B. Kuzma
A note on immanant preservers 113-120
V. G. Kumarov
Idempotent matrix lattices over distributive lattices 121-144
D. O. Logofet, I. N. Belova
Nonnegative matrices as a tool to model population dynamics: Classical models and contemporary expansions 145-164
O. V. Markova
Length computation of matrix subalgebras of special type 165-197
V. B. Poplavski
On cofactor expansion of determinants of Boolean matrices 199-223
V. Futorny, R. A. Horn, V. V. Sergeichuk
Classification of squared normal operators on unitary and Euclidean spaces 225-232

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