"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 16 (2010), Number 5

Proceedings of the conference
"Diophantine and analytic problems in number theory"
dedicated to the 100th annivesary of A. O. Gelfond
(Moscow, January 29 -- February 2, 2007)
Part 1

V. V. Beresnevich, S. L. Velani
Simultaneous inhomogeneous Diophantine approximation on manifolds 3-17
D. Bertrand
Multiplicity and vanishing lemmas for differential and q-difference equations in the Siegel--Shidlovsky theory 19-30
P. Bundschuh
Remarks on linear independence of q-harmonic series 31-39
K. Väänänen
Remarks on linear independence of certain q-series 41-47
C. Viola
On the equivalence of Beukers-type and Sorokin-type multiple integrals 49-59
K. Győry, Á. Pintér
Binomial Thue equations, ternary equations, and power values of polynomials 61-77
A. Laurinčikas
Some value-distribution theorems for periodic Hurwitz zeta-functions 79-92
M. Laurent
On inhomogeneous Diophantine approximation and Hausdorff dimension 93-101
R. Macaitienė
On value-distribution of L-functions from the Selberg class 103-116
N. G. Moshchevitin
Density modulo 1 of lacunary and sublacunary sequences: application of Peres--Schlag's construction 117-138
A. A. Panchishkin
On zeta functions and families of Siegel modular forms 139-160
T. Rivoal
Linear forms in zeta values arising from certain Sorokin-type integrals 161-172
C. Elsner, Sh. Shimomura, I. Shiokawa
Algebraic relations for reciprocal sums of even terms in Fibonacci numbers 173-200

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