"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 18 (2013), Number 2

Discrete and Computational Geometry

V. V. Alexeev, V. G. Bogaevskaya, M. M. Preobrazhenskaya, A. Yu. Ukhalov, H. Edelsbrunner, O. P. Yakimova
An algorithm for cartographic generalization that preserves global topology 5-12
N. P. Baldin, V. G. Spokoiny
Bayesian model selection and the concentration of the posterior of hyperparameters 13-34
E. A. Zavalnyuk
Steiner ratio for the Hadamard surfaces of curvature at most k < 0 35-51
A. A. Zaytsev, E. V. Burnaev, V. G. Spokoiny
Properties of the Bayesian parameter estimation of a regression based on Gaussian processes 53-65
I. L. Laut, Z. N. Ovsyannikov
The type of minimal branching geodesics defines the norm in a normed space 67-77
N. G. Makarenko, D. B. Malkova, M. L. Machin, I. S. Knyazeva, I. N. Makarenko
Methods of computational topology for the analysis of dynamics of active regions of the Sun 79-93
A. N. Maksimenko
k-neighborly faces of the Boolean quadric polytopes 95-103
A. N. Maksimenko
The common face of some 0/1-polytopes with NP-complete nonadjacency relation 105-118
V. A. Mishchenko
Estimates for the Steiner--Gromov ratio of Riemannian manifolds 119-124
O. R. Musin, A. S. Tarasov
Enumeration of irreducible contact graphs on the sphere 125-145
M. V. Nevskii
Computation of the longest segment of a given direction in a simplex 147-152
Z. N. Ovsyannikov
An open family of sets that have several minimal fillings 153-156
Z. N. Ovsyannikov
The Steiner and Gromov--Steiner ratios and Steiner subratio in the space of compacta in the Euclidean plane with Hausdorff distance 157-165
Z. N. Ovsyannikov
The Steiner subratio of five points on a plane and four points in three-dimensional space 167-179
V. N. Salnikov
Probabilistic properties of topologies of finite metric spaces' minimal fillings 181-196
O. M. Sizova
A method for solving the p-adic Kolmogorov--Feller equation for an ultrametric random walk in an axially symmetric external field 197-207
E. A. Timofeev
Selection of a metric for the nearest neighbor entropy estimators 209-227

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