MicroMir: Text Editor for MAC

It's the text editor with hypertext features, intended for programmers. Mim works with fixed size fonts. Interface of Mim is the same as of Mim for MS DOS or Unix. It's free: you can download

Mim is written in C, using Think C environment. You can read its help-file.

To install Mim (binaries), you need BinHex 4.0 (or Compact Pro, which understands BinHex files). Do the following:

  1. Unpack the file by BinHex. You will obtain the file "mim_sea", which is the self-extracting archive.
  2. Start the mim_sea by double-clicking on its icon. You will got two files: "mim" (the program) and "mim.hlp" (help-file). Please, don't rename the help file, and always move it with the "mim" in the same folder.

Mim has the 'ATIC' signature; all files created by it have 'ATIC' creator. These are plain text files. Mim understands MAC, MS DOS and Unix formats of text files. It supports Russian keyboard and work with Russian fonts in MAC encoding. The interface of MACs' Mim is the same as of MS DOS and Unix Mim's.

Mim for Mac supports MS DOS pseudo-graphics, if you use the the extension of ASCII/Mac-Russian encoding, that is used on Mathematics Department. It allows us to develope the applications for both MS DOS and Mac platforms with the same source code. To convert text files between Mac <-> MS DOS, we use our own text decoder.

Fill free to send any questions and notes to vvb@mech.math.msu.su