Free Soft for MAC

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I'd like to distribute freely all soft for Mac we have created for our own convinuence, both in binary and source forms. All packages are prepared in Think C / Symantec C++ environment. You can download the self-extracting Compact Pro archives, converted by BinHex to *.hqx text files. You need BinHex 4.0 (or CompactPro, which understands *.hqx files), installed on your Mac, to decode .hqx file back to self-extracting archive.

Netscape automatically decodes the *.hqx files, ignoring ";I" flag in html-source, that should prevent brouser from automatic decoding. It produces nasty results, when Netscape types non-printable file in the window. And the main point is that we cannot save the decoded file in Unix or MS Windows, copy it to diskette and then read diskette on Mac: Mac file has also the resource fork, which is lost!

To prevent Netscape from decoding *.hqx files, I have to rename them. For instance, I renamed the file "mimsea.hqx" to "mim_hqx.bin". But really it is the BinHex text file, not a binary one.

The following programs are available:

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