MicroMir Text Editor

All our text editors are versions of the same editor for various platforms. Our editor differs from the ordinary ones by the following features:

it doesn't consider the text as a sequence of characters. So, there are commands that work with lines, such as insert line, delete line, save lines etc. (No other editors have the "insert empty line" command; "Return" or "Enter" just cut the current line in two pieces, inserting the "new line" character; to insert an empty line, we have to move a cursor to the beginning or to the end of the current line);

it has hypertext features (for example, you can enter in h-file from the text of c-program; just move cursor to the #include "..." statement and press the "Enter in a file" key);

it support compiling, make etc. from inside text editor; the compilation (or any other) command is defined by the file extension; you can see the error messages, as in environment for developers, etc.

The source code and binaries are available for