"Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Matematika"
("Fundamental and Applied Mathematics")

Volume 5 (1999), number 1

Research Papers

V. N. Bezverkhniy
Decision of the generalized conjugacy problem in Artin groups of large type 1-38
N. V. Bezverkhnii
On the solvability of the general word problem for a cyclic subgroup of a group with condition C(6) 39-46
A. Ya. Belov
On non-Spechtian varieties 47-66
A. S. Demidov, O. A. Vasilieva
The finite points model of the Stokes--Leibenson problem for the Hele-Shaw flow 67-84
E. S. Golod
Homology of the Shafarevich complex and noncommutative complete intersections 85-95
E. S. Golod
On the homology algebra of a Shafarevich complex over free algebras 97-100
A. V. Grishin
Examples of T-spaces and T-ideals over a field of characteristic 2 without the finite basis property 101-118
A. E. Guterman, E. M. Kreines
Ph. Hall's theorem on transversals for modules 119-130
A. M. Egorov, G. G. Likhachev, A. I. Studenikin
Transversion method in calculations of probabilities of three particle processes in an external electromagnetic field 131-138
A. V. Zhuchin
On semilocal semigroup rings 139-147
V. V. Kudryavtsev
On functional system of logical function sheaves 149-192
M. R. Pentus
Completeness of the Lambek syntactic calculus 193-219
V. E. Plisko
On arithmetic complexity of the predicate logics of complete constructive arithmetic theories 221-255
Th. Yu. Popelensky
Relations in cohomology of associative algebras 257-274
A. V. Savochkin
Specialized programming language 275-281
A. V. Tishchenko
The partially ordered monoid of semigroup varieties under wreath product 283-305
V. V. Shchigolev
Examples of infinitely based T-ideals 307-312

Mathematical Life

International Algebraic Seminar dedicated to the 70-th anniversary of the Chair of Higher Algebra of Moscow State University313-314
VII Winter Mathematical Workshop "Algebra and differential equations"315-317

All articles are published in Russian.

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