International Workshop

Hilbert C*-Modules Online Weekend

in memory of William L. Paschke (1946-2019)

December 5-6, 2020

organized by: Michael Frank, Vladimir Manuilov, Evgenij Troitsky

The notion of a Hilbert C*-module was coined up in 1973 by Bill Paschke. The online workshop should bring together people interested in Hilbert C*-module theory which has been developing and generating useful applications for now about 50 years. A number of invited talks reflects recent developments in the research area and in the fields of their applications.

Abstracts of talks (PDF)

A counterexample, by J. Kaad, to a question raised by M. Skeide. The preprint is now available at

Contacts: hcm[dot]workshop[dot]2020[at]gmail[dot]com