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On one estimate, connected with the stabilization of normal parabolic equation by starting control.-Fundamental and applied mathematics (in Russian, to appear) (with L.S.Shatina) Скачать PDF
Stabilization of the simplest normal parabolic equation by starting control. Communication on Pure and Applied Analysis, v.13,N 5,September (2014),1815-1854. Скачать PDF
On the Normal-type Parabolic System Corresponding to the three-dimensional Helmholtz System.- Advances in Mathematical Analysis of PDEs. Proc.St.Petersburg Math.Soc. v.XV; AMS Transl.Series 2, v.232 (2014), 99-118. Скачать PDF
Certain questions of feedback stabilization for Navier-Stokes equations.-Evolution equations and control theory (EECT), v.1, N1, 2012, p.109-140 (with A.V.Gorshkov). Скачать PDF
Feedback stabilization for Navier-Stokes equations: theory and calculations.-Proceedings volume "Mathematical Aspects of Fluid Mechanics", edited by J.C. Robinson, J.L. Rodrigo, W. Sadowski (LMS Lecture Notes Series),v.402, Cambridge University Press , 2012, p. 130-172(with A.A.Kornev). Скачать PDF
Overflow of a body with viscous incompressible fluid: boundary value problems and fluid's work reduction.- Modern mathematics. Fundamental directions. v.37 (2010), p.83–130 (in Russian). Скачать PDF
Local Existence Theorems with Unbounded Set of Input Data and Unboundedness of Stable Invariant Manifolds for 3D Navier-Stokes Equations,- Discrete and Continuous Dynamical System, Series S, v.3, N 2, (2010), p. 269-290. Скачать PDF
Optimal Neumann Control for the Two-dimensional Steady-state Navier-Stokes equations.- "`New Directions in Mathematical Fluid Mechanics"' (The Alexander V.Kazhikhov memorial volume), Advances in Mathematical Fluid Mechanics, Birkhauser Verlag Basel/Switzerland, 2010, p.193-221. (with R.Rannacher) Скачать PDF
The Ginzburg-Landau Equations for superconductivity with Random Fluctuations.-Sobolev Spaces in Mathematics III. Applications in Mathematical Physics. International Mathematical Series, v.10, Springer 2008, p.25-134. (with M.Gunsburger, J.Peterson) Скачать PDF
Analyticity of stable invariant manifolds of 1D-semilinear parabolic equations.- Proceedings of Joint Summer Research Conference on Control Methods and PDE Dynamical Systems, F.Ancona, I.Lasiecka, W.Littman, R.Triggiani (eds.); AMS Contemporary Mathematics (CONM) Series 426, Providence, 2007, 219-242 Скачать PDF
Analyticity of stable invariant manifolds for Ginzburg-Landau equation.- Applied Analysis and Differential Equations, Iasi, September 4-9, 2006, World Scientific, 2007, 93-112. Скачать PDF
Homogeneous and Isotropic Statistical Solutions of the Navier-Stokes Equations.- Math. Physics Electronic Journal, v.12, paper No. 2, 2006 (with S.Dostoglou, J.D.Kahl) Скачать PDF
Optimal boundary control for the evolutionary Navier-Stokes system: the three-dimensional case.- SIAM. J. Control Optim. v.43, N6, (2005),2191-2232. (with M. Gunzburger and L. Hou) Скачать PDF
Feedback Stabilization for Oseen Fluid Equations: A Statistical Approach, J.of Maty. Fluid Mech. 7 (4), (2005), p.p.574-610 (with J.Duan) Скачать PDF
Stabilization for the 3D Navier-Stokes system by feedback boundary control.- Discrete and Cont. Dyn. Syst. v.10 № 1&2, 2004, p.p. 289-314 Скачать PDF
Существование решений экстремальных задач. PDF-FILE (2003) (совм. с В.М.Тихомировым) Скачать PDF
Static Hedging of Barrier Options with a Smile: An inverse Problem.-ESAIM, Control, optimization and Calculus of Variations, v.8, 2002, p.p.127-142 (with C. Bardos and R. Douady) Скачать PS
Стабилизация с границы решений системы Навье-Стокса: разрешимость и обоснование возможности численного моделирования.- Дальневосточный Мат. Ж., т.4, №1 2003 , с. 86-100 Скачать PS
Feedback stabilization for the 2D Oseen equations: additional remarks.- Control and estimation of Distributed Parameter Systems. International series of numerical mathematics. W.Desch, F.Kappel, and K.Kunish, eds., Birkh\"aser Verlag, Basel 2003, p. 169-188. Скачать PS
Реальные процессы и реализуемость метода стабилизации системы Навье-Стокса посредством управления с обратной связью с границы области,.-Нелинейные задачи математической физики и смежные вопросы. II. В честь О.А.Ладыженской. Междунар. Матем. Серия т.2 . Издательство Т.Рожковской, 2002, с. 127-164 Скачать PS
Real Process Corresponding to 3D Navier-Stokes System and Its Feedback Stabilization from Boundary .- The M.I.Vishik seminar, AMS Translations Serie 2, v.206, (2002) p. 95-123. Скачать PS
Boundary value problems for three-dimensional evolutionary Navier-Stokes equations.- J. Math. Fluid Mech., vol.4:1 (2002),p.45-75. (with M. Gunzburger and L. Hou) Скачать PDF
Trace theorems for Three-Dimensional, time-dependent solenoidal vector fields and their applications, Trans. Amer.Math. Soc. v.354, (2002), p.1079-1116. (with M.D.Gunzburger,L.S.Hou) Скачать PDF
Stabilizability of Two-Dimensional Navier-Stokes equations with help of a boundary feedback control.- J. of Math. Fluid Mech. v.3, (2001), 259-301. Скачать PDF
Стабилизируемость квазилинейного параболического уравнения с помощью граничного управления с обратной связью.- Матем. Сб., т. 192, № 4, (2001), с. 115-160. Скачать PS в zip
Точная управляемость уравнений Навье-Стокса и Буссинеска.- УМН, т.54, № 3 (327), 1999, с. 93-146. (совм. с О.Ю.Эмануиловым). Скачать PS в zip